Social Media Marketing Newcastle

Social Media Marketing Newcastle

Want to create the best content, grow your following and generate more site traffic?

With our social media marketing Newcastle services, we’ll show you how.

Remember the old days of social media? The times where you’d simply use it to connect with friends and distant family, having daily conversations and posting status updates.

If you’ve been following updates over the years, you’ll have noticed a huge change. One of these massive amendments is that businesses now have a prime opportunity to advertise in the place where all their audience are active regularly. You might have also noticed how successful some of their social media campaigns are! With our social media marketing Newcastle services, we can get you there.

Social media, no matter which platform you use, is an essential part of any online marketing strategy today. Not only can you connect with people who want to hear from you, but you can promote and advertise your business to your heart’s content.

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To do this effectively, you need the right plan, and a dedicated team of professionals to get you where you need to be. It looks like you’ve already found them! (Hello!)

Why should your business have a social media presence?

It’s taken a while for businesses to really understand the importance of a social media presence, and there are still businesses out there today who haven’t jumped on the social bandwagon! There are so many advantages, no matter which social platforms you handpick. Here’s a few:

It’s free!

For a basic account or business page, you can expect these platforms to be completely free to set up. You can run ads or upgrade to premium accounts on some platforms for a fee, but this is optional. You can still grow through connecting with your followers and posting interesting content.

People like to see great content.

Ever scrolled down your newsfeed and stopped at that one image that caught your eye? This is effective content creation. The content that makes people stop and read the information that goes with it! If you can do this for your customers then you’re onto a winner. A variety of content is great to keep things fresh; images and video work really well.

It boosts SEO.

Driving traffic to your website is essential. We all know how important it is, and social media is a great way of boosting your SEO efforts. With us, we can help create the right links to your site and encourage new visitors to view what you have to offer through our content creation strategies.

The most popular platforms.

There are so many social media platforms around today. However, we don’t believe they’re all worth it. What use is signing up to a certain platform if your target audience isn’t active there? You need to be strategic with your approach and choose the most relevant networks that will benefit your efforts. Our social media marketing Newcastle team really know their stuff, meaning that after researching your business’ industry, we’ll be able to recommend the most appropriate social networks and pinpoint where your customers are spending the majority of their time. Here is where you’ll get the most engagement and, in turn, increased website traffic.

Facebook Marketing

Facebook is the world’s number one social networking platform. Not only can you be confident that the right customers for you are here, but you can expect a ton of engagement when implementing the right strategy. We’ve created Facebook Marketing campaigns for hundreds of businesses and are confident we can work with you to do the same.

Twitter Marketing.

Twitter is another leading social platform which is more popular with businesses and customers alike. Businesses looking to promote their brand and services further can benefit greatly from this network. Doing things the right way with your strategy and by including the relevant hashtags in posts, you can attract the right attention and interest, generating more site traffic and engagement.

Instagram Marketing.

Businesses with a high volume of products tend to do well on Instagram. You can show off your catalogue through images and video, as well as the careful placement of relevant hashtags. To really make your content stand out to a potential customer, it needs to be high quality with a clear message. We can deliver on a great campaign that is sure to turn heads.

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LinkedIn Marketing.

Being a professional network, LinkedIn is perfect for employees and business owners looking to connect with other professionals and to grow their networks. LinkedIn is also great for building a portfolio and can actually be a great place to grab leads with other businesses. With a careful strategy in place, your engagement can soar.

Not only are these the most popular sites for businesses to use, they’re also popular with your customers too. We research your audience before any work is carried out to ensure you get the most out of your strategies. Targeting the right people is essential if you want to increase sales and engagement.

Create the ultimate strategy with our social media marketing Newcastle services.

If you don’t have a social media presence yet, you’re missing out on some pretty big opportunities. From creating the most interesting content to using social media management tools, we can get the most out of an online social strategy for your business. What’s the process?

Well to start with, we’ll discuss your options when we receive your enquiry via a phone call or face to face meeting. We always believe we can build up stronger positive relationships through meeting in person, so we’re always happy to travel to your business’ location if convenient. We’ll discuss your business and collectively think about the different strategies we could implement to improve your chances of getting found online through social media.

Our social media marketing Newcastle services have given clients the chance to get seen by the right people. We’ve worked alongside businesses of different sizes and industries to grow their following and, in turn, their success. Through effective email marketing campaigns, in-depth SEO strategies and an engaging social media presence, we can deliver positive results.  Give us a call today or email us at to get the ball rolling!