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Social Media Consultant

Working with you to increase your online visibility.

In a world where social media is available at the tap of a button, you don’t want to be the only company without an active social media presence.

Not only will this prevent you from engaging with new customers and directing traffic to your site, but it will harm the reputation of your business. If you’re not found on social media, then you’re not considered a reputable business.

Social media doesn’t need to be a mystery. With the help of a professional social media consultant, you can increase follower count and maximise sales. As an award-winning social media company, our consultants are trained in running successful campaigns across all channels. Get in touch today for a free quote or to ask any questions.

What is a Social Media Consultant?

A social media consultant is an extension of your marketing department. They offer support and advice on how to craft a successful social media strategy that delivers an ROI.

Our recommendations are based on decades of industry experience and knowledge. We continually deliver results for our clients using proven strategies and we’ll share them all with you.

Social media consultant working on a client campaign.
Woman delivering social media consultancy to business owners.

Hiring a social media consultant is the best option if you are looking to manage your marketing internally. You will receive a roadmap tailored to your business goals and KPIs. This will step you through monthly tasks that if followed will improve your social media presence.

Our goal is to ensure that you are confident in your ability to manage social media campaigns that generate results.

Here’s the social media consultant process:

Step #1:


We’ll do an overall inspection of your social media presence to identify the positives and improvements. This will include a strategy call with yourselves to determine the essence of your brand, key objectives, audience personas, etc. This will form the social media strategy going forward.

Step #2:

Social Media Roadmap:

Our social media roadmap will step you through a month-by-month plan of how to grow your social media presence from where you are today. Following the strategy call, we’ll set to work mapping out the entire roadmap for you. This roadmap is yours to keep following the social media consultancy.

Step #3:

Roadmap Discussion:

We’ll be in touch to explain the roadmap in detail. We want to ensure that you are set for the journey ahead and know precisely how to proceed. Your social media consultant can either schedule a call or a screen share to discuss this with your marketing department. Or, if you’re local to us (Barnsley), we can arrange a face-to-face meeting. The roadmap discussion will last for around two hours and will provide you with everything you need to proceed with confidence.

Step #4:

Monthly Follow-Up Calls:

Because we like to offer our clients as much value as possible, we’ll be in touch once every month – for 6 months – to ensure you see results. You can use this time to ask your social media consultant questions about your campaigns. Pick their brains. We answer honestly and love to share our expertise, so don’t hold back. We love inquisitive clients.

Social Media Marketing Consultant

We work with some of the world’s leading brands to help them gain more customers through a combination of organic and paid social.

Our clients trust us because we offer sound recommendations and straightforward, non-hype, advice. Many of our clients have in-house marketing teams who are looking to manage their social media, but need a little professional support.

Your social media marketing consultant will get to know your business inside and out before offering advice on how to progress.

Social Media Consultancy Services

So, what exactly do our social media consultancy services look like? Good question.

The entire process is bespoke to what your business is looking to achieve online. Everyone is at a different stage in their social media journey. Some are just starting and need a complete crash course. Others will be active on social media but need support in growing their following and maximising sales.

These are some of the social media consultancy services we offer:

    • Social Media Advertising: Some businesses will require support in setting up social media ads that convert. Social media advertising is great if you’re looking to target new customers who have expressed an interest in particular products or services. Your social media consultant will step you through the process of setting up and managing ads on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn.
    • Profile Optimisation: Perhaps you are new to the world of social media? If so, you will require help setting up a profile and optimising it to attract new followers. Let’s take Facebook. This would include linking to your website, adding a description, profile image and cover photo. We’ll step you through the process of setting up your first organic Facebook post, too.
    • Content Creation: Content is the bread and butter of social media marketing. It’s everything that you post on social media – videos, text and images. You should take note of what your audience responds to and tap into their interests. Be active, too. Respond to any questions in the comments section of your posts, as well as reviews and direct messages.
    • Tools and Analytics: Taking note of your analytics will help you understand your audience, create better content and overall, improve conversions. Having a social media consultant that understands how to integrate analytics with social media and what metrics you should be tracking is incredibly valuable.

We Have Worked With Some Great Brands:

Social Media Consultant

There are thousands of strategies we apply to our campaigns every day to improve visibility, engagement and click-throughs.

We’ll first get to know your business and then create a unique roadmap. This may include some of the above social media consultancy services, along with others like influencer collaborations, chatbots and video marketing.

We have many marketing consultancy packages for you to choose from, including SEO and PPC, as well as Social Media. If you are interested in social media consultancy, or any of our marketing services, please do get in touch.