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Get massive spikes of traffic by using influencer marketing.

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These days it’s not just about what is said – it’s who is saying it. Influencer marketing agencies help find the most relevant, authoritative figures with similar audiences to yours who will shout about your brand. By leveraging the power of influencer marketing, you can attract new customers, drum up sales and experience a quantifiable ROI.

Work with the best influencer marketing agency in the business.

At Bigfoot Digital, we specialise in performance-first influencer marketing strategies. Over the years, we have built up a list of the most respected influencers who routinely promote campaigns for our clients and link to their websites.

Our influencer marketing agency is focused on working with the best in the business to ensure your content gets the reach it requires.

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Our influencer marketing strategy:

“We have worked with 100+ influencers in everything from finance and manufacturing to fashion, weddings, and beauty – and everything in between!”



We don’t reach out to any old influencer and hope for the best. Our influencer marketing strategy is highly targeted. We take the time to build relationships with influencers by engaging with their content and tagging them in posts. They benefit from our collaborations and keep coming back.



The process of selecting who to reach out to is extensive. We have strict criteria when it comes to influencer marketing. They must have a reputable website with a ton of organic traffic and an impressive follower count. Following these steps ensures that you only receive the best links and promotions.



We focus on brand awareness and backlinks to give you the best of both worlds. You will experience an uplift in the Google rankings, as well as a ton of referral traffic entering your site.



Our job is not limited to the posting of content. We track and monitor all content to ensure it delivers results. At the end of each campaign, we’ll send you an analytics report that highlights the value of each report and the ROI achieved.

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What sets us apart from other influencer marketing agencies?

Quite simply; value for money.

We don’t just secure links and leave it at that. Everything we do is set up to deliver results. Our influencer marketing agency includes a team of experts with backgrounds in Journalism, Content Optimisation, Video and Social Media Marketing. Having such a wide range of skills under one roof ensures quality content, lasting communications and great results for our clients.

Our happy clients…

We have built up a network of hundreds of influencers across the UK, who are active across all social media channels and love nothing more than a collaboration. Our influencer marketing agency puts passion into the heart of all campaigns, giving both our clients and the influencer valuable content. We can contact almost anyone, from global influencers and bloggers to news sites and reporters.

Our wide range of contacts means that we can meet the influencer marketing needs of all clients, ranging from fast-growing start-ups to major global brands. Across the weddings, travel, beverage, technology and business sectors to name a few, we have worked with some big-name brands including Pago Premium Fruit Juices, Rix and Greensleeves.

We Have Worked With Some Great Brands:

Influencer Marketing FAQ’s

Outreach marketing is a way to boost your rankings through collaborations with recognised bloggers, news outlets and organisations. Influencer marketing is the process of building relationships with people who are highly regarded in their space for various promotions. In short, influencer marketing is the modern-day outreach marketing.

As an award-winning influencer marketing agency, we don’t just work with anyone. They have to meet the following expectations:

  • They have to be relevant to your brand and share the same target audience. This will allow you to reach new prospects and become relevant.
  • Secondly, they have to be recognised. In other words, they must have thousands of followers in social media, who frequently engage with their content. That’s maximum exposure for you.
  • Finally, they must have a high Domain Authority / Rank to ensure they are trusted in the eyes of Google. That way, if they link to your website, they are transferring ranking power (link juice) and benefiting your SEO efforts.
If your audience is on social media, then influencer marketing will benefit you. There are, of course, some industries that are more challenging than others, but with the right strategy in place, any influencer marketing campaign can be a success. If you’re unsure about how to approach setting up a campaign, sit down with an influencer marketing agency to ensure you are working with the right people.

The best way to get a response is to craft an offer that they simply can’t refuse. Keep in mind that influencers receive thousands of emails every day (at least the good ones do!), so you need to stand out from the very start. We follow a strict process when reaching out to influencers to ensure we get a positive response – we have not failed yet. Here’s some advice:

  • Follow them on social media and engage with their work. Tag them in posts to kick-start a conversation.
  • Only pitch content that resonates with their audience. Read their content and guidelines in full before pitching.
  • Offer to promote their content on social media and share it with your clients/ customers.

These are just some of the steps we take to ensure that our clients are getting the best results possible.