Proven Multi-Million Dollar Marketing Funnel Templates Free To Use!

Marketing Funnel Templates

Proven Multi-Million Dollar Marketing
Funnel Templates Free To Use!

Person designing a marketing funnel template.

You’re here because you want marketing funnel templates.

Well, we can do one better!

Here you’ll find funnel marketing templates proven to generate millions of dollars in revenue for businesses across the world (free, of course!) These tried-and-tested marketing funnel templates will allow you to automate the entire sales process, so you bring in leads as you sleep. It’s that easy.

Should I pay for a marketing funnel template?

Marketing templates are a great way to bring in leads, especially for any first-time funnelers. Because, why re-invent the wheel? These templates are designed to bring in maximum conversions and have resulted in some seriously impressive digital marketing funnel successes. But does that mean you should invest your hard-earned money into buying one?

If you’ve been doing your research, you may have come across the platform Clickfunnels. This platform gives you everything you need to promote, sell and deliver products using an effective landing page builder. The templates provided are used by individuals who have made their millions through sales funnels alone. As the saying goes, ‘you’re only one funnel away!’

You can generate leads using Clickfunnels without even spending a penny.

So, before you jump into getting some random funnel online, hear us out. Clickfunnels allows you to sign up for a 14-day free trial. Once inside, you’ll have access to professional training materials, and you guessed it, funnel templates.

Sales and Marketing Funnel Templates in the Clickfunnels marketplace.

And we’re not just talking about one marketing funnel template. You can browse thousands of templates based on your industry, audience, and KPIs. No matter how unique your niche, there will be a marketing funnel template perfect for you. That’s not to say you can’t make tweaks to design and copy of templates before hitting the ‘live’ button. They are fully-customisable.

One quick tip before we jump into some of the best Clickfunnels marketing funnels. Don’t rush into your free Clickfunnels trial. Instead, do your research to ensure that when you enter Clickfunnels, you are primed to set up your funnels and start making money. This way, you don’t waste any trial time.

Now, let’s move onto what you came here for, which is marketing funnel templates:

Squeeze page funnel template

The first marketing funnel template we’re going to cover is the squeeze page. This is the first location you will send customers to when they hear about your business. The squeeze page gets its name from the action of ‘squeezing’ data from your audience (often that’s a name, email address and website) in exchange for a free gift. Keep it simple to enter, and the leads will come flooding in.

Wait, hold on a second. Why would I give something away for free? Because you need to build trust with your audience at this point. They don’t know anything about your business, or you as an individual, so a personalised gift will really do the trick. Consider the needs of your audience and keep these in mind when selecting the perfect gift.

A free gift doesn’t mean you have to spend a fortune, either. You’ll want to keep production costs down while offering maximum value. Something like a personalised ebook, providing professional advice on a topic related to your business, will position you as the experts. Keep in mind to design a book that’s sleek, professional and in keeping with your brand image. That way, they will remember you and return for more advice at a later date.

Squeeze Page Marketing Funnel Template.

This template is titled ‘MF Squeeze Page Opt-In,’ because that’s exactly what it’s asking people to do. Opt-in to get access to a free resource!

There is minimal copy on this page. Any additional information about the company is listed below the fold of the page. As you enter the page, you will see a large image to draw you in and a simple opt-in form listed below the headline ‘Supercharge Your Business.’ The headline is what’s referred to as the hook. It grabs people’s attention giving them a reason to continue reading.

Next comes the story, which communicates how the resource is going to help the user and what the outcome will be. In this case ‘Generate 20 leads every single month without ad spend’ is the chosen story. You’ll want to opt for a story that, again, gets to the point quickly and is something to reader can’t say no to.

You will, of course, need to attract them to your squeeze page in the first place. Reaching out to people by way of a targeted Facebook ad or commenting on an industry group are both great ways to engage with your audience.

Sales page funnel template

This is where you close the deal. You have worked hard to engage with your audiences. You have connected with them on social media and even sent them free products. They trust you. Now it’s time to up the ante to ensure you see a return on your marketing efforts.

In stark contrast, this page is packed with detail. Ironically though, the headline is ‘We Just Make Training Simple’ with the wording ‘Simple’ in bold red colouring. The page is easy to follow as it does cover all the main elements straight away. Basically, the reader knows exactly what to expect before they delve into the testimonials and social proof. There are no questions raised as to what that service offers and what you will get from it.

Sales Page Marketing Funnel Templates.

There is a call to action below the headline giving people the option to opt-in before they read the additional information. Having a clear, clickable call-to-action is a must for a sales page looking to convert clicks into customers.

Professional marketing funnel templates advice!

You can implement these along with many, many more marketing funnel templates using Clickfunnels. They make it easy for anyone to design a page and come up with compelling content. The materials are there. All you need to do is find the best fit for your business.

As well as having access to a huge range of templates on Clickfunnels, you can make money from them too. If you have created a successful funnel which has brought your business success, why not let others benefit from it too? By building an affiliate marketing sales funnel, you can sell your creations to other Clickfunnels users.

Or if you’d rather have some set all this up for you, hit the button below: