Tourism Marketing

Tourism Marketing

Ready to get your tourism business noticed online?

Everyone loves going on holiday and escaping from reality for a while. Tourism is consistently one of the fastest growing sectors, meaning there is plenty of opportunity to succeed, but also a heck of a lot of competition out there.

Holidays don’t tend to be cheap and most people will have had a disappointing experience somewhere down the line. Because of this, when it comes to the process of deciding where to visit and where to book a holiday, digital marketing is key. Everyone browses the internet when considering a holiday and most will prefer to stick to what appear to be the larger and more reputable tourism brands or destinations online to avoid having their fingers burned.

We can help businesses of any size to reach their goals and get themselves noticed with our bespoke digital strategies.

What does digital marketing in travel and tourism involve?

Whether you require tourism marketing for your holiday destination/hotel, or you marketing your holiday booking service, if you neglect your online reputation, you won’t see success. If you want your tourism business to be seen online, you must have an extensive and effective online tourism marketing strategy put in place. For successful marketing in travel and tourism, you need to make your brand appear completely legitimate, trustworthy and highly appealing. Without doing so, you risk consumers continually booking their holidays elsewhere.

There are a number of aspects to successful travel and tourism marketing, each just as important as the other:

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SEO is the place to start with any online marketing strategy. If your business is appearing at the top of the Google SERPs, it is far more likely that browsers will click through to your site, simply because people place more trust and importance on the top ranking sites. Providing your site is up to scratch and unique, ranking highly is a surefire way to boost your conversion rates. Our tourism marketing experts can let you in on all their secrets to have you steadily and consistently rising up the results pages.

Content Optimisation

When it comes to marketing in tourism, content can make or break your strategy. Opting for professional tourism marketing services means you can be confident in the fact that your online copy is unique, reflective of your brand persona, optimised for search engines but most of all compelling.

As consumers book a holiday, they are seeking honest and valuable advice about a destination and company. We can help you to offer high-quality and comprehensive guides, articles, blog posts and much more – so that your tourism marketing becomes practically irresistible.

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Website Design

Without a website that looks the part and allows for easy navigation, it is likely that consumers will bounce straight off. The majority of us judge a business immediately on how their site looks. When booking a holiday destination especially, we want a site to allow extensive filtering/personalisation in terms of location, price, amenities and more. Our web developers and designers can work with you to build a site that looks impressive and is smooth to use.

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Paid Ads (PPC)

More often than not, consumers may not be browsing the internet with the intent in their mind to book a holiday, but then an ad pops up that plants the seed. Our travel and tourism marketing experts can assist you with creating and setting up enticing and highly targeted paid ads to draw people in, even when they may be least expecting it! Paid promotion is the perfect way to draw attention to any current or exclusive offers that you have running – let’s face it, we are all a sucker for a great deal.

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Social Media

Social media has more of an influence on the travel behaviour of consumers now than ever before, with more than 50% of holiday-goers claiming that social media content, promotions, and deals had influenced where they choose to travel and which brands they choose to book with.

Don’t let your tourism marketing strategy miss out on this opportunity to influence your target market and bring in business.

Our social media team have years of experience and expertise with how to manage and create engaging and converting content for social media. Social media allows you to humanise your business and engage with prospects in a way that reflects your brand’s image. Your social platforms provide a place to show people what they are missing out on using professional images, videos, and user-generated content too.

With marketing in travel and tourism, there are so many ways to use social media and monopolise on current events at certain destinations, outline perfect destinations for different seasons, reshare engagement from your previous customers enjoying their experience and much more.

Why choose our tourism marketing services?

  • Experience and expertise.

    As a team, we have a range of specialists who are all passionate and experienced in what they do. From SEO experts to dedicated web developers, we have professionals who can help to devise and implement a tourism marketing strategy almost guaranteed to bring long-lasting success.

  • Complete transparency.

    Unfortunately, a lot of digital marketing agencies are not completely truthful with their clients. They may promise to bring you top results in a short space of time, but you shouldn’t fall for this. Quality and long-term online strategies take time and patience, for you to see the results you are aiming for.

    What’s more, we are completely and utterly transparent with our techniques too. Every month, we keep our clients updated with what is being done and the progress being made.

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