Social media audience profiles: What ages use social media the most?

What ages use social media the most?

Social Meida Profiles: Mobile Phone Screen Showing Facebook App

We all have social media profiles, but how do we appeal to our target audiences online?

Social media is used by over a quarter of the world’s population, which means if your business is not on any social platforms, you’re missing out on increasing your brand awareness. Even if you have already set up social accounts for your business, are you using them in the most effective way possible? It’s hard to know.

Finding out how to target a specific social media audience profile can be difficult, so we’ve gathered the facts and figures so you know where to focus your time on social media.

As an overview, the 25-34 age group seems to dominate most social media platforms. This includes Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. However, the Millennial group of 18-24-year-olds are the most common users of Snapchat, Vine and Tumblr. If you’re targeting an older audience, 35-44-year-olds use Linkedin the most frequently.

Knowing what social media audience profile uses which platform is essential when it comes to running ads. However, it is just as important to tailor your ads to your target market, not just post on their preferred social media platform.

How do you tailor an advert on social media?

Each demographic needs a specific advert to ensure maximum conversions. Here is a guide to what you should be posting:

Under 18’s

Targeting the teenage generation is fairly simple. They follow similar trends to Millennials – image-led content seems to appeal the most, with apps such as Instagram and Snapchat reigning. However, teens also spend a considerable amount of time on Youtube, the popular video-sharing app. If you want to catch their attention, try posting regular video content online, as the average teen spends around an hour a day watching videos.


Millennials are the powerhouse of the internet; this generation has been brought up with technology and fully understand the intricacies of social media. Much of this demographic are students with limited money and time, and so adverts offering discounts, vouchers or giveaways will always appeal to this social media audience profile. Creative content is also essential to catch the eye of this target group.

This includes image-led content, which mostly appears on Instagram. Monitoring trends and ‘viral’ posts on social media platforms will also help businesses to come up with ideas for content that interests this younger, susceptible generation.

Overall, social media use is more widespread across different platforms such as Instagram and Snapchat – rather than just the classic Facebook. But what does this mean for your business? If you don’t already, using social media for your marketing efforts will increase your reach and improve brand awareness. Whether you factor these sites into employee training or even just download the apps yourself and have a play around, familiarisation with the range of platforms on offer is essential to best target the millennial population.


This social media audience profile dominates our top three social media platforms: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. These sites are the most effective when utilising social media marketing, so would be ideal to optimise when targeting this age group. Most people in this category use social media primarily both a news platform and for research purposes. Facebook is especially used for this purpose, so news related adverts will effectively appeal in this case. Many adults are seeking quality journalism, even on social profiles, so it’s important to remember quality over quantity when marketing for this generation.


It’s a well-known fact that the older generation uses social media less frequently than the rest of the population. However, they should still not be undervalued, as the percentage of over 50’s using social media is always increasing. Research shows that older people tend to use Facebook more than other profiles, which means, for now, focusing on this platform should give you the best results.

Businesses should bear in mind the internet is constantly changing and so are trends, so be prepared for this to be a short-term target only. Key topics for this demographic include issues such as health and community, so linking your adverts to these may increase the chances of impressions. To target over 50’s more effectively, combine social media marketing with other strategies such as email marketing, which may be more beneficial for your campaign.

Whoever your target market is, make sure you’re reaching them. 

Tracking worldwide social media trends will be greatly beneficial for your business, and knowing your target audience inside out will ensure you can create the best content to provide maximum conversions. If you are struggling with understanding social media marketing or identifying your social media audience profiles, why not get some professional advice?

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