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Free SEO Audit Tool

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Where does your website rank on Google? What can be done to increase your visibility and encourage sales? If your website is struggling to be found online, our Free SEO Audit Tool can give you the answers you’re looking for.

Having a poor website with multiple errors can not only impact your search engine rankings, but also your customer experience, and therefore sales. While, on the surface, your site may look well-designed, underneath it could be a different story. No matter how much effort you put into your site, if search engines can’t read your pages, your business won’t rank. Our SEO tool identifies what’s wrong with your site, and how best to fix it, to ensure you’re always on top.

What does our SEO audit tool offer?

Results of SEO Site Audit from Bigfoot Digital

1) An SEO audit tool that works

 Here at Bigfoot Digital, we pride ourselves on offering the best solutions for our customers, and our Free Audit Tool is no different. Out tool checks the deepest corners of your site to give you a realistic idea of your site’s SEO health. We’ll help you to prioritise issues and decide what to fix first. We know that not everyone is a marketing whizz, which is why your results will be grouped into categories and displayed easily for you to understand.

2) Truly optimise your page loading speed

It’s no secret that both search engines and your site visitors will favour your site if it loads quickly, making it a hugely important aspect of your SEO strategy if you’re looking to rank highly and retain your customers. Our free SEO audit tool will identify those pages on your site that aren’t loading as fast as they should be, and will give you steps to follow to get them back up to speed (pun intended!).

SEO Audit showing page speed tesing
Mobile Optimsitation points shown on SEO site audit

3) Mobile optimisation tips and tricks

Did you know that internet users spend on average 69% of their media time on smartphones? With Google’s mobile-first indexing finally coming into play, meaning the mobile version of your site works as the starting point for how Googles determines rankings, it’s time to make sure you’re offering the same experience across all devices. We give you all you need to know to ensure your site is mobile-responsive so that it stays in that top spot.

Our free SEO audit tool helps your business to rank higher than your competitors!

We understand digital marketing and know what it takes to make your website the best – in just 15 seconds, we can identify what you need to do to boost your rankings, helping you to achieve your business goals faster. While SEO takes time and your online presence won’t improve overnight, we can help you to get there.

At Bigfoot Digital, we’re the local Barnsley marketing agency you’ve been looking for. Our services are award-winning, and what we don’t know about digital marketing isn’t worth knowing. Whatever industry you’re in, no matter the size of your business, we can help you to grow online.

If you have any queries about the results of your audit or are looking for more information about SEO, digital marketing and our services, feel free to give our friendly team a ring today on 01226 720755 or contact us today to find out more about us.