What email marketing platform is best?

What Email Marketing Platform is Best?

After realising how important email marketing platforms are to your business, how do you decide which services are the best for you?

Man using email marketing platforms for business growthEmail marketing platforms can be extremely beneficial to a business. Choosing the right services is just as important as deciding on the right copy and images to use in your newsletters! Email marketing can increase your visibility and get the word out about your company.

This form of marketing can be an important part of your overall online marketing strategy. It makes sense to consider email as it’s cost-effective, informative and will be relevant to your email subscribers. You’re directly targeting the right people, so there’s less chance of people unsubscribing or your emails bouncing.

When deciding on the right service to use, it’s important to think about some facts. Firstly, is the idea of email marketing feasible? Can you and your team take the time out of your daily task list to put together the best email marketing strategy possible?

Let’s put a few things into perspective. Email marketing platforms from an agency takes a load of research and an awful lot of answering questions. That’s why we’re here to explain the process, and what you can expect in the long run.

What’s the process?

The first step to creating the right email marketing strategy is deciding what you want to achieve. Who is your target audience? Have you got an email subscriber list? If not, how do you plan on creating one? With so much to consider, this alone might take a while.

A good email service can help you create informative and attractive emails and to easily manage your contacts. The process will be easy and one of the biggest perks of all is that it can ensure your emails don’t land in your customers’ junk or spam folders!

If you’re choosing an agency to help with your email marketing platforms, you need to make sure you select the right one for you. One that knows what they’re doing and can provide you with great results and an improved return on investment.

We know; choosing the right agency for email marketing platforms takes a lot of research, and there can be an awful lot to consider. At Bigfoot Digital, we know and appreciate the time it takes to plan and create the right content. We’re here for you.

What email marketing platforms are available?

There are many different email marketing platforms out there to help you create branded, professional looking email templates and newsletters. With so much choice and with different agencies perhaps opting for different tools, it makes sense to get your head around what’s available.


MailChimp is a popular option for creating email newsletters and monitoring how they perform in your recipient’s inbox. It has a simple user interface with detailed monitor and tracking tools. It also integrates well with WordPress and similar sites and has great tool support.

Depending on the number of emails you want to send and how regularly you want to send them, there are different plans available. Initially, you’ll be able to send 12,000 emails for up to 2,000 subscribers, but of course, with different plans comes those all-important higher results.


Drip is an email marketing service focusing on marketers and bloggers in the ecommerce sector. It allows you to easily add sign up forms to sites like WordPress. It is an intelligent platform with an endless list of features making it a popular beginners service.

This platform offers a lot of support and training for its users, making the process of starting up with a new tool an awful lot easier. Their free accounts cater for up to 100 subscribers so is significantly less than MailChimp, however, it is a good choice for beginners.

Get Response.

Get Response is a very easy to use platform and a hugely popular email marketing tool. Here, you can create automated campaigns with a simple design-builder, group and send content to different contacts, as well as get the right support to make your campaigns the best possible.

As with most email marketing service tools, Get Response offers a free trial for the first month and a charge per month thereafter. Thinking about the number of subscribers you have or how many emails you want to send, you can choose an appropriate service.

So, what are the benefits of email marketing platforms?

Email marketing wouldn’t be carried out by tonnes of business if it wasn’t worth it. There are a lot of benefits surrounding email marketing, which in time can benefit both you and your customers. Here are some of the positives you can expect.

Increase your brand awareness.

Sending out your branded emails keeps your customers aware that you exist. They’ll see your name in their inbox and will hopefully click through to read your content! With the right strategic planning and attractive design, you’ll get a better chance of converting those leads.

It’s cost-effective.

A high point of email marketing has to be its return on investment. There are no printing costs, advertising fees and it’s pretty much the most affordable way of marketing. If you’ve not considered it already, it’s definitely time to begin.

Target the right audience.

Email marketing doesn’t leave you with an unnecessary audience. You don’t have to advertise to everyone. You can choose exactly who you want to target from their demographics or location and send out personalised emails to each of them. There’s a higher chance of converting leads into customers.

Monitoring and tracking.

Measuring the success of your campaign is essential. You need to know what’s working and the types of content that encourages more clicks from your audience. Customer behaviour and interests should be the main priority throughout an email marketing campaign

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