Email 40 Times more Effective than Social Media When it Comes to Getting More Customers

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A recent study, by McKinsey & Company, reveals that email is almost 40 times more effective at getting more customers than Facebook and Twitter combined. In the study, only organic search produced more sales than email. This statistic is pretty astounding, but when you realise just how much we depend on email, it’s easy to see why this is such a powerful marketing tool.

Smartphones and tablets have made it possible for us to check our email whenever we want, which contributes to the tool’s marketing power. According to Acxim Digital Impact, 91 percent of consumers read their email on a smartphone.

In fact, emails have been proven to influence mobile shopping habits:

  • 71% of mobile purchasing decisions are influenced by emails from companies (Adobe).
  • Revenue from mobile clicks is nearly double that of desktop clicks (Yesmail).
  • The average shopping order prompted by email is 17 percent higher than those prompted by social media (McKinsey & Company).
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Use Emails to Get More Sales

The takeaway from McKinsey & Company’s study, and these other statistics, is that your business can’t afford to skimp on email marketing. But, going even further, it can’t afford not to target its mobile audience.

Email Marketing is Powerful

Emails have more power than social media to persuade consumers to make purchasing decisions. Knowing this, the messaging you use in your emails should be geared toward selling products and landing new customers. Build email lists of potential and current customers and then use strategic emails to launch new products, offer sale prices and in short, sell your products.

McKinsey & Company points out that the clicks you get through your email campaigns should be a small part of the overall experience your customers have with your brand. You shouldn’t abandon social media or other Internet marketing tactics in favour of email, but you should remember that email has the power to make sales.

Integrate email marketing into the rest of your marketing plan so that it uses similar messaging, targets the right people and helps you reach your goals.

Mobile-Ready Emails are Essential

But, don’t stop with just creating an email marketing campaign that is designed to get more customers. Create mobile-friendly emails, since statistics show how vital they are to getting sales.

Mobile-friendly emails load quickly and properly on a small screen, so they are easy to read. They are also short and to the point, since people often read emails on their phone when they are on the go.

Also make sure that your website is mobile friendly so that when recipients click on the links in your emails, they will be directed to pages they can easily navigate on a mobile device.

Email marketing has been an effective promotional and sales tool for some time, and the fact that we are relying more heavily on email and accessing it from mobile devices gives you more opportunities to reach your market.