Ecommerce Website Design Edinburgh

Ecommerce Website Design Edinburgh

Create a successful online shopping hub with our ecommerce website design Edinburgh service!

The demand for ecommerce is currently higher than ever as a direct result of the evolution in shopping, which has transformed the way we buy.

Whilst originally having to travel to shop in store, the creation of e-commerce now gives us the easy option of browsing web pages in the comfort of our own homes and have these products delivered directly to our door.

Due to the number of people who prefer this online, hassle-free method to traditional shopping, it is imperative for businesses to have a fully functioning ecommerce website to keep up with competitors who may have a high percentage of their sales online.

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That’s where our ecommerce website design Edinburgh services come in!

Whether you have an existing website that is in need of an upgrade, or you want to start from scratch with a brand new site, we have the skills and experience in website design and development to provide you with the perfect site.

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So why choose us?

Ecommerce Website Design Edinburgh Secrets.

We know all the secrets

We know that the key to a successful ecommerce website is more than just stringing a few web pages together. In reality, it’s about your site looking flawless, being easy to navigate, and having some behind the scenes SEO to help customers reach you.

As well as providing you with all this, our ecommerce website design Edinburgh service ensures you receive a fully-automated payment system and shopping carts, alongside order confirmation and retargeting to keep sales flowing.

With the perfect website design, it’s guaranteed you will bring in new leads, which will result in profit and will keep your customers coming back.

We use WordPress

We use the most popular content management system, WordPress to build your website. As well as it being completely flexible for you to customise and having a wide range of themes to choose from, it is also suitable for use with both ecommerce and brochure websites. WordPress also allows the installation of plug ins such as Yoast, which monitor readability and optimisation and give advice on how to achieve higher rankings.  

We promise site security

Customers will only spend money on your site if they feel they can trust your site with their payment details. Our ecommerce website design Edinburgh service includes a secure payment system using platforms such as Paypal and Stripe so that customers know you have a credible and trustworthy site.

We track your site’s performance

Once transforming your website, our work doesn’t stop there! We use Google Analytics to monitor your website’s progress to make sure you are getting the results you need. If you choose to work with us for a while, we’ll provide you with analytics reports every month to show you how well your site is progressing.

We care about customer experience

Here at Bigfoot, we know exactly what customers want from a website and why fulfilling this is so important. After all, If customers don’t enjoy your website and find it difficult to use they will leave; resulting in no sales, no recommendations and a high bounce rate which will lower your scores on Google.

Fortunately, we make sure all of the websites we make are well established and have an easy to follow navigation! They’ll also have fast loading speed and host a range of good quality images to represent your business. Our content writing team are here to ensure all of your content is interesting, informative and readable. We can also ensure content will be fully optimised to increase your rankings.

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Interested in having a fully functioning website which has been tailored to your business? Then look no further! From ecommerce to Brochure website design, Bigfoot Digital are the perfect web designers for you.

As we are a full-service agency, we can help you with any of your other marketing needs from SEO, to social media. Together, with the perfect ecommerce website, you can boost your sales by being much easier to find online!

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