Ecommerce Website Design

Ecommerce Website Design

What’s the difference between a successful ecommerce site and one that barely breaks even? It’s not the content featured. It’s not even the products you stock. The secret to a high converting website is impressive ecommerce website design. You can optimise your website to perfection, but if visitors land on a cluttered, disorganised page, they will leave and never return. Once you design a professional website for your business, you can guarantee an uplift in sales.

At Bigfoot Digital, we have a dedicated ecommerce website design team comprising of high-end developers and professional photographers. Together they offer clients the best ecommerce website design service in existence (or that’s what we are told, anyway)! We can help you rank consistently and stand out from the crowd with a site that converts like crazy. Hit the ‘quick enquiry’ button to receive a free, no-obligation quote today:

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Why do I need a website design?

Think back to the last time you made an online purchase. Did you instantly think “oh, this site has an immaculate design”? Probably not. If the site was doing its job, then the design won’t demand attention. Rather, it will allow your products to shine, and guide you towards making a purchase.

Now consider the last time you left an ecommerce store feeling frustrated, without making a single purchase. You probably didn’t consider the website’s design at the time. However, if the site doesn’t load quick enough, has broken links and low-quality product images, it’s no wonder you made a swift exit.

It’s that simple. Without a professional ecommerce website design, you could be losing out on thousands of potential customers.

Want the best ecommerce website design?

If you want the best ecommerce website design, it only follows that you should work with the best agency in the business. There are thousands of website design companies in existence. As a quick Google search will confirm, you are spoilt for choice. So, what makes Bigfoot Digital the one for you? Unlike many website design companies that focus on visual appearance alone, we deliver sites that look stunning and bring in valuable organic traffic. Our sites rank at the very top of Google for many competitive keywords and phrases, therefore, giving us a competitive edge. What’s more, our clients enjoy the same impressive returns.

Here’s everything that you can expect from our ecommerce website design company:

An ecommerce website audit to start:

Ecommerce website design often begins with a wireframe that maps out the structure of every page in detail. While this is essential, don’t forget to optimise your site first for the best possible results.

Missing this step out is comparable to building a property without any foundations. You can do it, but it won’t bring you much success (and it will probably crumble before your very eyes). You need to make sure your store doesn’t have any on-site SEO problems before starting the process of ecommerce website design.

To make sure your existing site doesn’t suffer from these problems, we offer a professional website audit service. It will delve deep into your site to provide technical optimisation considerations and action points, such as broken links, redirects and duplicate content.

Alternatively, you can quickly run our free website audit that offers a comprehensive list of on-site recommendations. Simply enter your details to find out how you can improve the performance of your ecommerce website:

Is your website optimised for search...? Find out here:

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‘Shop Now’ functionality:

Using the latest in WordPress development, we can offer you online shopping functionality across thousands of products. So, no matter the size of your business, or the product offering, we can deliver an ecommerce site that meets your requirements. Each of our ecommerce website designs come with unique themes, layouts and plugins making your shopping experience bespoke. We’ll design eye-catching product pages that hold the attention of your visitors long enough to result in a sale.

Don’t have razor-sharp, high-quality images of your products? Not a problem. Our web developers are also trained photographers who, as you can imagine, have excellent creative composition. They know how to capture your products in a way that drives customer engagement and sales.

Creative content optimisation:

Millions of potential customers are searching for products like yours every day. Make the next business they come across be you. We can help you optimise your product pages using keywords with a high search volume that are likely to result in sales. The key to success here is knowing the difference between general keywords and those with commercial intent.

Let’s take the keyword ‘motorcycle,’ for example. If you sell motorbikes, it’s the most obvious keyword, right? Not exactly. It’s a broad keyword that’s incredibly competitive and can drive all sorts of traffic from people looking for motorcycle news, insurance, tyres and helmets.

Instead, make a list of long-tail keywords that relate directly to your product. The keyword ‘Honda CB500 Motorcycle’ is going to return results from people looking for information on that specific bike. They are further along the buying journey and, therefore, closer to making a sale. We take the time to research keywords that result in maximum traffic and sales.

keywords for an ecommerce website design project.

Audience targeting:

All the research we do is carried out with the audience in mind. For your ecommerce website to succeed, you need to get into the minds of your potential buyers. What did they search to land on your site? And what action do they take now they are here? We’ll set up tracking, where possible, on your site to inspect everything that goes on. From the first click to the final conversion, everything is under inspection.

Depending on their on-site actions, we’ll set up personalised retargeting to encourage further interaction. For example, abandoned cart visitors (those who have failed to complete a transaction) can be sent a targeted email campaign offering incentives, such as a discount code or free shipping. A lot more can be done than you may think to increase your conversion rate.

Secure payment installation:

Visitors will only purchase from you if they fully trust the security of your website and the legitimacy of your company. Our sites are HTTPS secure meaning the privacy and integrity of your data is protected. We also offer secure payment systems that are trusted (such as Stripe, PayPal and SagePay) to give customers a speedy, safe and entirely secure checkout experience.

Analytics and conversion tracking:

It’s important to keep track of your website long after it goes live. Our ecommerce website design service can be extended to include monthly search engine optimisation. This is an on-going service that will consistently build up your brand visibility. It contains monthly analytics and rankings reports as standard detailing the performance of your campaign.

We like to keep our clients in the loop with the progression of their website, so we perhaps overshare. But, don’t worry. We’re transparent, and will explain everything to you, so you understand correctly what work has been done – we can promise, you will most certainly know more about SEO than you do now.

Ecommerce website design that converts clicks into customers!

The bottom line, that’s what matters most. But it takes far more than an attractive website to generate revenue. It requires a combination of marketing methods, including SEO, PPC, Social Media, Website Design and Development. There are a million and one things that will convince your readers to make a purchase. Our job is to establish what they are, and how we can incorporate them into your marketing strategy.

We work with many businesses all with different objectives. Some require an ecommerce website design to generate maximum online sales. Others may be looking for a professional brochure website to showcase recent projects. Whatever the goal, you can rest assured that our developers know to promote your business in a landscape that will work for you. Not sure which website design is best for you? Not a problem. After a discussion about your products, services and business goals, our developers can recommend the best website for you.

Check out our website development page for further details, and get in touch with our experts on 01226 720 755 to find out what we can do for your business. Alternatively, send us an email directly to – we’d love to hear from you!

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