How To Choose The Best Free Email Service

How To Choose The Best Free Email Service

Email marketing remains a crucial sector of the internet, with billions of people checking their emails every day. However, knowing which is the best free email service can be challenging.

Emails are popular worldwide. Whether they’re used for checking news headlines, communicating between work colleagues or receiving news and vouchers from your favourite brands, email works for everyone. As a business owner, email marketing is a handy strategy that helps to share your company news and information. However, for people new to the online marketing sector, this can seem confusing. How can you get the best free email service for your business?

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What is email marketing and why is it benefitting you?

Email marketing enables you to send your company’s latest information and offers to a selected email list. This is a simple way to reach a large number of customers, and more importantly, the right customers. Building a healthy relationship with your target audience is vital to ensure clicks, and sending out regular emails are one way to do it.

What makes email marketing so useful is that customers choose to receive information from you, unlike social media which can be forced upon a specific audience. This means that people are expecting, and wanting, your information which lowers the risk of unsubscribing.

There are hundreds of options claiming to be the best free email services, but it is essential to evaluate the different platforms to find one that best suits your needs, whether it be for sending discount codes of e-newsletters. Of course, there are the giant companies that millions of people use, which means the smaller services are being pushed aside and forgotten about. Choosing the best free email service is hard, especially if you don’t know what to look for.

What should you be looking for in the best free email service?

When deciding on what service is most beneficial for your business, there are signs you should look out for to ensure you are going to get the most out of your choice.

A useful spam filter. Don’t let spammy emails take over the important business, make sure that they are filtered appropriately.

Enough storage space. Especially for large companies, ample storage space is a must when you are receiving hundreds, or even thousands, of emails a day.

User-friendly interface. Complicated services aren’t worth using. If you are spending more time trying to work out how to send the email than focusing on creating a winning campaign then something’s gone very wrong.

Mobile access – No one is ever at their desk all day every day, but it’s still important to know whats going on back at the office. Without mobile access to your emails, your replies to potential clients will be slower.

Knowing all this is beneficial, however, you can’t choose what you don’t know. So here are our top 8 best free email services to get you started on your journey into email marketing:


Gmail is known the be the best free email service on the internet. With more than a billion daily users, it leads the way when it comes to usage. It offers over 10GB of free storage – and the option to buy more if required. Along with a user-friendly interface, it has an efficient spam filter and also boasts its own mobile app.

What makes Gmail so popular is its integrated ability to talk on an online chat, along with it’s video messaging feature.. Gmail also opens up the opportunity to take control of your Google MyBusiness account, which is essential for every company who wants to succeed online.

AOL Mail

With a simple user interface and mobile app, AOL is an oldie but goldie. Not many people talk about the advantages of using AOL mail anymore, but it should still be considered as one of the best free email services. Although it might have fewer tools and features than Gmail, the ones it does have are much easier to use. What AOL mail does, it does well. With unlimited mail storage, there is no need to worry about running out of space. It also offers the ability to sort mail into folders which is essential for large businesses that need good organisation in order to function.

Yahoo Mail

Yahoo also needs to be considered when searching for the best free email service. While not the best on the list, with 1TB storage and fast upload speeds, it’s a robust online competitor. Yahoo has an excellent security system too along with social networking, instant messaging and SMS texting. is the newly reinvented, which was a reliable service but quickly became outdated with the option of better, and newer, platforms. Outlooks’ user interface is excellent, with the ability to personalise and an easy-to-use mobile app. You won’t run out of storage with 1TB, and the great security and support features make it one to watch when choosing the best free email service.

Zoho Mail

This is one of the best free email services for professionals who need an easy to set up service that can be managed simply. Boasting a great range of features such as a calendar, task manager, notes and instant chat, while it’s not one of the most talked about email services, it’s definitely one to consider.


Again, a free email service that is rarely talked about yet still extremely useful, GMX provides unlimited storage and 50MB attachments which is more than most of the best free email services. Also, with the ability to manage emails on desktop and mobile, it’s a simple way to use email across any device.

What makes one of the best free email services is its’ ability to select an appropriate domain for your mail. This means a more suited email address, with over 200 domain names to choose from. They also provide unlimited mail storage and a 50MB attachment limit, so storage won’t ever be an issue. Similarly, they offer mobile support which adds to the simple user interface and is great for those just starting out on their email journey.


ICloud mail is well talked about due to its association with Apple – even though it isn’t the most popular free email service. As it’s quite complicated to set up, that tends to put some businesses off, however, it can be beneficial once set up what with its easy user interface and multi-platform use. With a fast file upload speed too it can be worth setting up, especially if you already have an ICloud account.

Finding the best free email service is easy when you know what you’re looking for.

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