5 Architecture Marketing Strategies Proven to Grow your Business

Architecture marketing is overwhelming as it’s different from marketing in any other industry sector. You are working in an incredibly competitive industry filled with big brands with even bigger budgets.

If you are looking for marketing plans to get more clients through the door as quickly as possible, then you’ve come to the right place.

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If a client is already searching for the ‘best architecture firms’ in the business, then you are late to the party. You need to assume all your competitors are already using architecture marketing to reel in big business.

Like an architecture project, digital marketing has multiple layers to cover before showcasing a masterpiece. That’s why, at Bigfoot Digital, we like to plan, prioritise and test everything before rolling out the best possible strategy for your architecture business.

Architecture firm marketing takes experience, expertise and an exceptional strategy to be successful.

With that said, we know you have come here for architecture marketing plans, so here are 5 digital marketing strategies we know from experience to yield impressive results:

1) The Power of PPC

The quickest way to ramp up revenue for your business is PPC advertising.

This is the process of running ads to your website that target people who are searching in your local area. Appearing in the paid search results will position your business at the top of Google for maximum visibility.

Social media for an architecture firm.

2) Social Media Marketing

Social media is not a fad; it’s an exceptionally powerful tool for building brand awareness and pointing people to your website.

For example, on LinkedIn, you’ll find opportunities to connect with industry professionals and business people – those with the power and status to invest in your architecture services.

3) Search Engine Optimisation

Use industry keywords that you want to be found for online.

This shows Google and searchers what you’re ALL about. Use these in your meta content, URL and body copy – but don’t over optimise your content. This is a big red flag in the eyes of Google, and you may end up doing more harm than good. Speak to a search specialist for architecture marketing advice.

Laptop showing marketing for architects.

4) Don’t Forget User Experience

If there’s one thing to do with a limited architecture marketing budget, it’s invest in a responsive website for your business.

Most architect’s websites are designed for other architects, but don’t tell a story to their readers. Clients do not want to see industry jargon when searching for an architecture service. They want to see concise information explaining what you’re all about.

5) Shareable Content

The final strategy on this list is to create sharable content.

Getting published in digital media, such as local directories, magazines and industry news sites can boost the authority of your website. You must be good if people are talking about your business, right?

Marketing for architects on a laptop.

Architecture Marketing

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