4 Types of Links: Why You Need Them and How to get Them

Link building is a search engine optimisation technique you can use to gain rankings and get more traffic to your website. More sales, more email subscribers and a bigger audience are all perks that often come with more traffic, so link building is a strategy that can bring big benefits to your business.

There are essentially four different kinds of links and each of them is beneficial in a different way.

Natural Links

Natural links are the links that people build to your site without you even knowing it. They happen when someone likes your content or finds it useful and relevant so he links to it from his blog post, article, website or other web property.

These links are very valuable because Google favours links that aren’t forced because they prove that a piece of content is high quality and relevant.

How to Get Them

The best way to get these links is to produce the best content possible and work to become an authoritative resource people know about.

Earned Links

Earned links are very similar to natural links but they are built when you reach out to other people. They are usually on opinion blogs, review sites and news articles. These are helpful because they can help you reach a new audience and attract more site visitors.

How to Get Them

Get earned links by reaching out to bloggers, reporters and site owners with opportunities to write about your business. Landing sponsored posts, guest posts and product reviews are simple ways to generate earned links.

Built Links

Built links are the links we usually think of when we talk about SEO. They are links your business creates with the main goal of gaining search engine rankings. Google penalises links from link farms and other tactics it deems low quality, so only build quality links to your site.

How to Get Them

Built links are one of the easier types to get because you don’t have to rely on other sources to get them. Some common ways to build links include distributing press releases, submitting articles to websites and adding your business, with links, to online directories.

Social Media Links

Social media links are just what they sound like, links to your website from social networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest. Search engines can’t always read these links, but they can lead to more site traffic, which could help your rankings. More traffic, a social media presence and increased brand awareness can be very valuable for your business.

How to Get Them

Of course, you can start getting these links by opening social media accounts, sharing links and building a following. Then, create content people will want to share and add sharing buttons to your website so it’s easy for people to post your content to their social media accounts.

Link building is an SEO strategy that can help you get better rankings and bring benefits like more traffic, increased sales and better brand recognition. When you use all of these link types, you’ll have a comprehensive strategy that brings results.