YouTube’s New “Subscribe” Button Can Help You Build Your Audience

Recently, YouTube released a new “subscribe” button that makes it possible for people to subscribe to a channel from a website, rather than having to visit YouTube’s site. This means that businesses that have YouTube channels can add a button to their site, ask viewers to subscribe and grow their YouTube audience.

This latest update comes after YouTube unveiled paid subscription channels, another tool that can help businesses with their social media marketing. The subscribe button is easy to add to your site and once it is embedded, your market will be able to subscribe to your channel with just one click.

The New Button

YouTube’s new subscribe button is available on Google’s Developer site. On the site, you can enter the name of your channel, choose a layout and theme and preview your button. When you have all the details configured, you can copy and paste the button’s code into your website. If you have a paid subscription channel, your button will look a little different than the regular button and be green instead of red.

Why You Need It

Of course, any tool that can help you build your social media following is worth looking in to. This new button is especially valuable because videos are a powerful marketing tool, and getting more and more of your market to view your videos can help you grow your business, increase your sales and reach your organizational goals.

When site visitors can subscribe to your channels without even having to leave your website, you don’t risk losing your traffic. For example, visitors can easily subscribe to your channel and then continue browsing your site, responding to your calls to action instead of getting distracted by being redirected to YouTube. Also, when it’s easier to subscribe to your channel, more people will likely follow through and do it.

Using videos in the form of things like product reviews, product descriptions, advertisements and many other forms, can help you sell your product. The success of video marketing can be seen in these amazing statistics:

Shoppers who watch a product video are 85 percent more likely to buy products than those who don’t (Internet Retailer).
90 percent of people who shop online on a major retailer’s website reported they find video helpful when making a purchasing decision (Video Brewery).
46 percent of people say they are more likely to look for information about a product or service after watching a video about it (Oracle).

How to Get Started

If you already have some marketing videos, gather them in one place by creating a YouTube channel and uploading them. Make sure you use descriptive titles and complete video descriptions. Also be sure to complete your business profile on YouTube. Then, head over to Google’s Developer site to create your button. Once it’s ready, find the perfect spot to embed it on your website. Ideally, you should add it to pages where you post videos or in a very visible place on your home page.

Then, as you upload more videos to your channel, remind your market to subscribe so they can stay up to date with your company. You can promote your channel through your blog, other social media accounts, events and even your printed marketing materials.