YouTube Video Published — Now What?

After you’ve published your latest marketing video to YouTube, the job isn’t done yet. If you publish your videos and then don’t do anything else to promote them or leverage them, you won’t be using video marketing to its fullest potential.

By doing the following things after you publish each of your videos to YouTube, you’ll see better results and your video marketing will be much more effective.

Add the Video to your Channel

If you haven’t already set up a YouTube channel, do it now! Your own channel will help you organise your videos so your market can easily find them. But, it will also give you a sort of profile on YouTube and a place where your audience can subscribe to your content. Be sure to promote your channel on your website and through other marketing opportunities to build an engaged audience, ready to watch your newest videos.

Write an Attractive Title

Give your video a title that promises value and makes people want to watch it. Your title should be professional and use keywords where appropriate and it should be a good description of what people can expect from the video.

Add a Searchable Description

One way to make your videos more visible on YouTube is to write optimised titles and descriptions. Use keywords people would be likely to use when they search the site so your content will show up in search results. Remember though, you shouldn’t sacrifice the quality of your description by using keywords unnaturally or too often.

Open it up for Comments

In most cases, it’s beneficial to allow comments on your YouTube videos. This makes your content more engaging, gives viewers a chance to interact with your brand, starts discussions and helps you listen to your market. You can also gauge your audience’s reactions to your videos so you can understand what people want and make future videos more effective.

Embed it on your Blog or Website

Don’t forget that YouTube produces a code you can use to embed your videos on your website or blog, linking them back to your YouTube channel. This is a simple way to publish your video in multiple places so you will reach more people. Doing this will also give people a glimpse at what your YouTube channel offers, encouraging them to subscribe so they won’t miss your future videos.

Promote it through Other Marketing Channels

When you take the steps above, people will find your video on YouTube, but you can make the most out of each piece by promoting them through other marketing channels. Share links to your YouTube videos through your social media accounts, email marketing messages, and any other marketing channels you use. The more places you share it, the more likely you will be to get more views and reach a bigger audience, benefiting all of your marketing efforts.

Next time you publish a video on YouTube, use these extra steps to make sure you are fully promoting it and getting the most out of your video marketing.