YouTube Now Offers Live Streaming: What You Can do With It

YouTube has been unveiling a steady stream of new features lately, including paid subscription channels and subscribe buttons for websites. Now, the site is offering live streaming for channels that have more than 100 followers. In the coming weeks, channel owners will be able to create a live event, letting their audience watch something play out on YouTube as it happens instead of posting video of an event later.

The ability to follow events as they happen is a trend that all kinds of people are picking up on. Tech gurus watch live streaming and live tweets of Apple and Google conferences while news junkies get to see breaking news as it happens through social media and other websites. Now, your business can tap into this trend and make it work for your audience.

Why You Want to Live Stream

The benefits of live streaming an event are worth every effort to set up live streaming through YouTube. When you live stream an event to your market you are including them, allowing them to feel like they are part of the event and making it possible for you to get your message to them in new ways.

Live streaming also has the power to build excitement and hype. When people know something is happening in real time, they will get excited about tuning in and becoming part of the event. There is a sense of community and anticipation when you live stream things from your business to your market.

How to Use Live Streaming for Digital Marketing

Things like new product launches and trainings are ideal for live streaming, but you can also think outside the box and stream other events that can help with your marketing efforts. For example, you could consider hosting panel discussions or even question and answer forums and streaming them through YouTube.

Live streaming events make it possible for people all over the world to participate in an event, even though they may not be anywhere near where it is happening. Keep this in mind as you plan live streaming videos and try to find ways that you can include your audience. If all you do is live stream a video and let people watch it, without becoming engaged, that really isn’t much different than posting a video after the event. Consider tweeting about the event, taking questions through social media, helping customers feel like they are in on breaking news and finding ways you can make your live video more exciting.

Also keep in mind that you can use slightly different messaging when you live stream an event, messaging that encourages your market to take advantage of the real-time happenings. For example, instead of asking your market to sign up for your emails, you could ask it to join a Twitter chat during the event using a specific hashtag. The marketing and engagement possibilities for a live video are new and fresh and can allow your market to participate in different ways.

It will be interesting to see how businesses begin using YouTube’s new live streaming feature. You can get in on the action by finding ways to incorporate live events into your marketing, if you don’t already, and then encouraging your market to tune in while you live stream events from YouTube.