YouTube makes More Sales than other Networks: How to Start Using this Power

New research by Aol Platforms shows that YouTube brings more customer conversions than Facebook, Google+ and other social networks. The report shows that YouTube is a powerful social media tool that brands shouldn’t ignore as they strategize to build their customer base.

The Study

The research used information from 500 million clicks and 15 million conversions. It also tracked social purchase interactions to see which networks swayed people to make purchases and at what point in the decision making process they were the most influential.

After all the data was analysed and all the numbers were crunched, YouTube was revealed as the social network that was the most influential when it comes to introducing new products to consumers and helping people make a decision to buy a product.

Why YouTube Converts

So what is it about YouTube that makes it one of the best networks when it comes to making sales? First, YouTube is highly popular with more than 1 billion unique visitors a month and 100 hours of video being added every minute. But, that’s not all. YouTube reports that 80 percent of its traffic comes from outside the United States and that more than 6 billion hours of video are watched on its site every month!

Combined with a huge user base, YouTube’s ability to help businesses show instead of tell and evoke emotion like few other mediums can, it’s no wonder it’s a powerful marketing tool.

How to Use YouTube to Increase Sales

Now that you’re convinced that YouTube can help you make more sales in a way no other social media network can, how do you use it effectively?

Choose the Right Message and Goal

Video lets you accomplish things images, social media posts and written content can’t. It lets you incorporate movement, sound, audio and lighting to portray feelings and send messages in a unique way. Choose the right messaging and goals for your YouTube videos and use them to complement your social media campaign in ways other networks can’t.

Make Each Video Shine

Each of your videos should reflect your brand and be professionally made. Don’t skimp on things like sound or editing quality. Your videos will tell your market how to think of your business and if they are exceptionally made and high quality, they will be more successful.

Include Appropriate Calls to Action

Just like all of your other marketing materials, your YouTube videos should include a call to action. If your goal is to increase sales, your call to action should encourage viewers to buy a product, visit your store or download a free sample.

All of your YouTube videos should include the right message, be well made and include the right calls to action if you want them to help you meet your goals.

This newest research that illustrates how beneficial YouTube can be for your business gives us some insight into how to use it effectively. Since it is influential as people learn about new products and make buying decisions, you can use your account to promote your products and encourage people to become customers.