You’re on Twitter. Now What? How to Start Building a Presence

After you have opened a Twitter account and sent a few tweets, you may be wondering what’s next. How do you use the social network to build your online presence and grow your business? Twitter is a fast-paced network that requires involvement and strategic planning, so here are some tips to help you start building your account.

Start Following the Right People

Start out by following the people you know. Then, branch out and add influential people in your industry or community. Of course, Twitter is handy for keeping in touch with your contacts and engaging in conversations with them. But, another very important part of Twitter is becoming online friends with people you may not know in real life.

There are heavy Twitter users that are must-follows in nearly every industry. Find out who those people are and then stay up to date on what they are sharing. These people can help you stay informed about industry news and trends and can help you reach your own market.

Have some Conversations

Have some conversations on Twitter by reaching out to others. You can respond to their tweets, ask them questions, ask general questions to your followers or retweet what others say. Twitter conversations are generally short and to the point and sometimes they are simply shout outs to your connections.

You can be supportive of other Twitter users by sharing their tweets and mentioning them as you have conversations. This will help you build relationships and is beneficial for both you and the other person, as you’ll both likely gain followers with this strategy.

Tweet Your Own Thoughts and Ideas

Even though part of your Twitter involvement should be retweeting what others say, you also need to post some of your own, original thoughts. Many people struggle with this part of social media because they often wonder “What should I say?” A good way to get your feet wet is to find interesting content, or use your own content, and share a link to it along with a comment about it. For example, maybe your business just produced an infographic. You could tweet a link to that with a comment about one of the statistics on the infographic or a thought related to the topic. Then, as you begin to feel more comfortable sharing things on Twitter, and as you begin to see what kinds of posts others are tweeting, you’ll get more ideas for things you can share.

Keep in mind that Twitter is very fast paced and used on a real-time basis. It’s ideal for sharing information about events you are attending, business news and even community or pop culture news. When you are out and about in your community or industry, don’t forget to send a tweet or two.

At first glance Twitter can seem confusing, but once you get a chance to follow some influential people and have some conversations, you’ll have a better understanding of how you can use it to benefit your business.