Writing Eye-Catching Blog Titles that Will Draw Readers In

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If you write your blog titles on a whim or as a side note to your posts, you are missing out on some major opportunities. Blog titles are the first thing your readers see, and depending on where they are, it may be the only thing they see until they click a link to your article. Using headlines that grab attention and entice your readers to read the post are essential if you want to bring traffic to your site and break through the noise on social media.

Why Blog Titles Matter

The blog title is your foot in the door with your readers. If your title doesn’t convey an interesting concept or tell readers why they should read your blog, they probably won’t. On your website, blog titles are likely listed on your blog page in large fonts. If this title doesn’t encourage someone to click on a post, you will be missing out on a large audience.

Many times your blog post titles are the only portion of your post that is shared on social media. I you fail to compose eye-catching titles, your posts may not be getting read at all. Also consider how many titles and links are competing for your audience’s attention on social media. Strong headlines can help you stand out from the crowd on social media, bringing more traffic to your site.

5 Headline Templates You Can Use

Are you ready to start adding new life to your blog post tittles? Here’s how you can do it:

Ask a Question

Thought-provoking questions can inspire people to read your post. If someone reads a question that they have been mulling over themselves or sums up a problem they are having, they will most likely mentally answer the question and then read your post to see what you have to say.

Example: “Does Your Company Have a Recognizable Brand?”

Present an Outcome

Telling your readers how they will benefit if they read your post can make an attractive headline. With this strategy, the audience immediately knows that the article will benefit them.

Example: “3 Rules that Will Help you Increase Sales”

Point Out Mistakes

If you point out a common mistake, readers will want to read your post to learn why they are doing something wrong. Make sure the headline is still positive, but brings an error to readers’ attention.

Example: “Why You Shouldn’t Rely on Social Media”

Include a News Story

If your blog post is about industry news or a recent company development, write a headline that focuses on the news aspect of the story. When your audience sees this type of headline, it will know that it can rely on you for the most recent news.

Example: “City Construction Projects Add Detours to Commutes”

Give a Command

This powerful type of headline can go a long way in driving traffic to your post. With these titles your readers know what to do and they understand that by reading your post they will learn how to do it. Many times these headlines reflect a common goal among your readers.

Example: “Stop Wasting Time with a Slow Internet Connection”

Strong headlines that capture your market’s attention and bring it to your blog will help you boost traffic, gain rankings and even land new customers.