How to Write a Press Release for a Product Launch

We discuss how to write a press release that brings in maximum sales and increased brand awareness this Christmas…

Want to reach thousands of people across the internet browsing multiple different domains? Spread the word of your seasonal sales in a matter of seconds? That kind of reach is… out of my reach, right? Not exactly. It’s possible to cover everything from a new product launch, business growth and company news with a carefully positioned press release.

Before you set about crafting your press release, ask “is this story newsworthy?” All too often businesses create a press release with little understanding for what makes an interesting business story. If a journalist does not consider it newsworthy, it will not get coverage. Taking the time to plan what makes a good news story is what gives you leverage over the competition.

The key element a journalist is looking for is a human interest angle. Have you launched a bespoke product into an industry that has mass appeal? What about a service or event in your local area? Perhaps you’re holding a Christmas charity event to raise money for disadvantaged children in your town of city. Big tick in the eyes of a journalist.

This article will discuss how to write a press release that stands out from the crowd this Christmas.

The 5 W’s in press release planning!

Your press release should answer the following questions:

Who: Give your press release context with a mention of the key players – your company, anyone else involved in the product launch? Who does your news affect/ benefit this Christmas?
What: What is new?
Why: Why is this news important?
When: What is the timing (Christmas)? Does it have any significance?
Where: Is this an event that is happening in a geographical location? Or a product launch in the UK or specific town/city?

As a starting point you should write down the answers to these questions in a bullet point format. It’s then a case of putting them together in a punchy format that will be of interest to your audience. Remember, this is a new article which means it should be free from opinion or bias. You are simply stating facts, and facts alone.

Once you have drafted your press release, it’s important, as with all content, to proofread what you have produced. It may be that you have missed something that is core to distribution of this press release. It’s not uncommon for press releases to go through multiple revisions depending on the publications you are targeting. Take the following press release titles as an example:

Title 1: Digital Marketing Agency, Bigfoot Digital, Launches Christmas Charity Event
Title 2: Local Marketing Agency Launches Christmas Charity Event in Barnsley!

One of these titles is an industry focused title and the other, a geographical title. Can you spot the difference? Depending on the focus of your content, you may be able to target multiple different publications with a personalised press release.

How long should my press release be?

The answer is short, concise and to the point. Don’t waffle with your content. You are not writing for your website. Know the difference between blogging for your site and news that will be shared across the internet. If your article runs onto multiple pages, this will be considered an article rather than a new story.

You need to get your point across in the first couple of sentences. The second paragraph expands on the first with relevant quotes introduced from business leaders, including a job title. The final paragraph will include referencing websites and links to products and services, as well as social media connections.

The best way to target journalists is…

It is essential to know what press and journalists you will be targeting. Bigfoot Digital have built relationships with a list of professional editors who regularly distribute press releases for our clients. Once you understand how to write a press release, the important work only just begins. Building up a strong bank of contacts is essential to press release success as you can reach out to them when it comes to publications and social media sharing. Here is a list of sources you may want to consider for finding potential contacts:

Local news
National news
Charity news
PR distribution sites

When you do your research, identify working patterns and deadlines. You want to contact them in advance so they can fit you into their busy schedules. Don’t leave it to the last minute!

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