Digital Marketing Work Experience Programme

Our Digital Marketing Work Experience Programme is your opportunity, as an enterprising, motivated student passionate about all things digital, to start your career!

work experience student

Looking for work experience at a digital agency, but don’t want a long commute to get there? Need to balance gaining work experience with your studies? Well you have come to the right place.

Here at Bigfoot Digital we welcome bright young people who are looking to gain invaluable experience in the wonderful world of digital marketing. This opportunity is open to both college and university students based in Yorkshire looking to develop their functional and leadership skills through a combination of training, mentoring and direct experiences.

A Range of Experiences

You will be welcomed into the team with access to our dedicated training facilities, including a newly refurbished office suite. Depending on your aspirations and interests, you can develop skills in all areas of digital marketing: SEO, Email Marketing, Website Design, Social Media Marketing and PPC.

We are the top-ranking SEO agency in many areas of the UK with first page results in Google’s search engine results. We’ll give you inside information and share everything you need to know about being successful online. .

Build Relationships & Contacts

As part of the work experience programme, you will be starting work alongside other students, who like you, will be arriving for the first time. On arrival, you will be greeted by our friendly members of staff and will be assigned a Bigfoot Buddy who will provide dedicated support and advice every step of the way.

Graduate meeting
SEO Meeting at Bigfoot Digital
Digital Marketing Graduate

Do you have a passion for the online world of marketing? Or skills in content writing, journalism and/or account management? You’ll make a great addition to our Bigfoot team. Our work experience programme is now open, and we’d love to hear from you.

Our digital marketing roles all require a certain level of skill, passion and enthusiasm for the industry. For this reason, we like to interview all students before accepting work experience placements (we like to think of it as great practice for the real thing.) If you are selected , you will be paid up to £50 pw depending on experience for six months. We have a great success record with all work experience students going on to secure graduate jobs following working for us – some have been offered a full-time position at Bigfoot Digital.

For more details about our work experience programme, or for internships and full-time positions, please send your CV along with a short overview of why you would like to work for us to