WordPress Website Design London

WordPress Website Design London

We provide fully- responsive website design solutions that suit your every requirement.

We understand that there’s far more to website design than creating a design that looks good. From making sure your site is fully optimised for search engines, to choosing the right keywords and creating great content, it can be hard to know where to begin.

In today’s competitive marketplace, ensuring your site is fully optimised is no longer optional, but essential. Essentially, you need to position your business above your competitors if you want to succeed, which is where our website design services come in.

Here at our London SEO Agency, we know WordPress inside out. Whatever your requirements, we can guarantee that our WordPress Website Design London can deliver. Luckily for you, we create websites with your customers in mind.  Here’s why:

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What are the benefits of using WordPress?

More than just the blogging platform it was previously known to be, around 30% of all sites online are now run by WordPress. A great content management system, WordPress has grown and developed into a hugely versatile CMS, hence it’s increasing popularity. So, why should you use it for your business?

Easy to use, navigate and maintain

WordPress has the clearest interface of all the content management systems, making it perfect both for those who are just starting out on their digital journeys, along with established businesses who are looking for a simple platform to keep their site updated. Users have access to a range of learning materials, both written and recorded, through which they can learn how to use the platform. Essentially, WordPress was built with the everyman in mind, meaning you don’t have to totally tech-savvy to use it.

Similarly, as WordPress is a fully inclusive CMS, maintenance costs are low when compares with other platforms. WordPress regularly updates both its core version and its themes and plugins, making it simple to maintain with relatively little effort.

Cost-effective and flexible

While WordPress is completely free to use, and anyone can download it, chances are business will end up spending a small amount of money. This is because WordPress is self-hosted, meaning hosting is required, however this is relatively cheap for those looking for a basic site but will increase depending on requirements.

It’s simple, though, to keep costs down. It’s easy to find free themes and plugins to suit your needs, while some of the more premium, and paid, ones are still cost-effective. Where certain businesses will end up paying for marketing services, branding or coding help, with a little knowhow it’s very straightforward to set up, and requires little start-up costs.

Fully customisable

WordPress’s clever plugins add complex features to your website without the need of hiring a trained coder. Being able to include additional functionality on your site goes a long way towards creating a truly bespoke site that ticks all the boxes. WordPress is an open-source project – meaning that anyone can contribute to WordPress by uploading themes and plugins, writing patches, supporting community members and updating documents.

With the huge number of plugins and themes available, WordPress gives users the opportunity to create a range of professional websites such as:

Businesses can easily sell their products using specialised themes and eCommerce plugins like WooCommerce and WP eCommerce.

  • A membership website

For those looking for a slightly more basic site, WordPress offers a range of features to capture your customers’ information. Using plugins and forms, you can sell subscriptions or digital products easily.

  • A blog

To run WordPress, all you need is a domain and web hosting, making a blog site an extremely simple way to provide value to your customers.

SEO friendly

Any good marketer knows that Google, and other search engines, rank websites to show in the results based on a number of different factors. With WordPress websites, while the default installation isn’t necessarily the most SEO friendly, the sheer range of SEO plugins available to use on your site make it the perfect platform to use if you want to boost your rankings.

It’s not a coincidence that WordPress sites tend to rank well on Google:

  • Simple to optimise meta data
  • Plugins can improve site speed
  • Easy to crawl and index due to its simple framework

It’s safe and secure

With our WordPress Website Design London services, you can be certain that your site will be safe and secure, always. Developed with security in mind, WordPress regularly diagnoses and fixes security vulnerabilities. Similarly, the platform issues regular updates to protect its sites from hackers – whether this is on the platform itself or an update of plugins and themes.

Allows you to grow

Due to the sheer amount of functionality that WordPress offers its users, it makes it the best platform from which to grow your business. Where other content management systems have certain restraints on growth and expansion, WordPress allows you to, essentially, have an unlimited number of web pages on your site. This means that, when your business decides to sell more products, or include more services, you don’t have to migrate your site across to another system.

Who are we?

We are skilled London WordPress web designers and developers, who live, love and breathe digital marketing. Our team of experts work hard to deliver creative website designs for our clients, no matter who you are or what you do, we’ll make sure we help your business to grow. Here’s what you can expect:

  • A dedicated team of digital experts
  • Monthly reporting & weekly touchpoints
  • Industry-leading techniques and strategies
  • Affordable website design and development
  • A fully-responsive website that ranks at the top of Google
  • WordPress content management system and optimisation
  • A friendly, local business focused on maximising your ROI

We’re always happy to help you create a great website that stands out from the crowd. With our expert WordPress website design services, we know how to help you get one over on your competitors so that you dominate your marketplace.

Our WordPress website design team are simply a phone call away.

Whether you’re searching for a WordPress Website Design London agency, or are simply looking for some more information about growing your business, give us a call today on 020 3105 0804 or drop an email to hello@londonseoagency.com to find out how we can help.