Winning Persuasive Tactics for Landing Pages

Landing pages need to be persuasive enough to entice people to respond to your calls to action. Getting visitors to buy a product, join a mailing list, visit a website or do just about anything else takes persuasion, which when combined with your marketing strategy, can be very powerful.

The art of persuasion does take some research and planning so you can make sure your tactics are geared toward your specific market, but here are a few basic tactics you can adapt to your own brand.

Lead with the Benefits, then Get to the Features

Highlight the benefits before you get into the specific features of your offer by telling people what’s in it for them. It’s our nature to want to know right away why we should spend our time or money with something, and benefits are more convincing than a feature list.

This isn’t to say you should omit the feature list. It just means you should put an emphasis on what personal benefits those features will bring your market.

Grab Attention with Visuals

You only have a few seconds to grab attention with your landing page, so make them count. The first part of your copy should be compelling enough that people will want to know more. But, you can also use visual design elements to grab attention.

Things like graphics, bulleted lists, coloured headings, larger text and buttons will stand out and tell people what’s in it for them with just a quick glance.

Get Social Proof on your Side

Social proof, or testimonials, social media reviews, or sales statistics, can go a long way in persuading someone to take action. This kind of information lets potential customers hear from people just like them and lets you send your message through success stories.

Social proof can also add an element of peer pressure. If a visitor sees that huge numbers of people are finding success with your product, he might be more willing to try it for himself than if your product was relatively unknown.

Provide Immediate Benefits

Your call to action should provide an immediate benefit for people who follow through. For example, don’t offer a coupon to email subscribers and then make them wait weeks to get it in their inbox.

Things like immediate downloads, discount codes, access to exclusive content, ebooks, guides and how-to tutorials make excellent incentives and can add an instant benefit to your landing page offer.

Make Calls to Action Easy

As people browse the internet, they don’t like to be asked to do something that takes a lot of time or effort. You will have a hard time persuading someone to buy your products if your searching, product comparison and online checkout processes are difficult.

Make responding to your calls to action easy with buttons, links and easy directions. Streamline processes and simplify forms so people can respond quickly and easily, so they will be more likely to follow through.

Persuasive landing pages can lead to all kinds of opportunities and help you grow your brand and business. Personalise these tips to fit your own goals and market to start getting better results right away.