Will Google’s new Mobile Search Feature be Good or Bad for your Business?

Google has announced a new mobile search feature that could be beneficial for your business or add new challenges to your search engine optimisation efforts. According to Google’s announcement, the feature is already available to some sites and will be rolling out to more in the near future.

What the Feature Does

In essence, the new feature groups related content together in a carousel you can scroll through from left to right. You can see it in action on Google’s blog.

Now when you use your mobile device to search for a topic, you could scroll down to a carousel and then start scrolling through related, high-quality content. In some cases this content may all come from the same source and in others, it may come from multiple sources.

As Google explains, if you search for a general term like the name of a news outlet, you will see a carousel filled with links to the site’s most recent content. On the other hand, if you search for something more specific, like the name of a sports team, you will see a carousel with content from multiple high-quality sites on that topic.

Benefit or Barrier?

It remains to be seen exactly how this new feature will affect search engine optimisation efforts. The announcement doesn’t specifically state how widely available this feature will be. We aren’t sure yet whether it will only be used for high-profile sites or if business sites that provide professional, valuable content may also see their links grouped into carousels.

Using the Feature to your Advantage

With this update, businesses may find it easier to rank their content simply because there are more chances to do so. If you consistently post content that is up to date and relevant, you may see your links in these carousels as results for related terms.

If the feature is used for all kinds of sites, you may even find that when someone types in your organisation’s or blog’s name, they may see a carousel filled with your latest content.

Both of these perks could give you more chances to be front and centre on Google search results pages and make it much easier for people to find your content.

More Competition

On the other hand, businesses may find it more difficult to rank their content because bigger websites and newer content will be displayed in carousels. If this is the case, searchers may browse through the carousel, paying more attention to the grouped content and missing your links.

Of course, SEO competition is nothing new and this feature doesn’t necessarily mean that your strategy or results will change. However, it is something you should be aware of as it becomes more widely used.

This new carousel feature will make mobile searching much easier and could give your business more opportunities to rank so you can increase brand awareness and site traffic, to the benefit of your entire business.