Will Google+ Collections Bring New Life to Google Plus?

Google has launched Google+ Collections, a new Google Plus feature that could bring new life to the site. Since the launch of Google Plus, marketers and users have wondered if the social network would ever become big enough to rival sites like Facebook and Twitter.

While Google Plus does have an active user base, this new feature could bring even more activity to the site, making it a more effective marketing tool.

Introducing Google+ Collections

According to Google’s announcement, this newest feature will make it possible for Google Plus users to organise content into categories, or collections.

The collections can be made public, shared with a specific group of people or even kept entirely private. Users can follow collections they are interested in to see new posts and updates in their Google Plus stream.

As of now, the collections feature is available on the Google Plus website and Android app and will be coming to the iOS app.

Google+ Collections and your Marketing Pan

Google isn’t the first to provide this kind of feature through a social network. Google+ Collections are very similar to Pinterest boards, where users can collect content and organise it by category. The mobile app Flipboard also lets users create and share custom magazines full of related content.

So will this new feature be what Google Plus needs to attract more users and generate more engagement on the site? Of course, only time will tell how well Google+ Collections will be received, but there are a few things you can explore in the meantime as you consider using this as part of your marketing plan.

Update your Google+ Profile

When was the last time you updated your profile? Log in and check to make sure all the information there is accurate. Also take advantage of features like profile and cover photos, links and communities to make Google+ a place where your market can find more information about your business and interact with you.

Build a Community

If you feel that you can reach your market through Google Plus, ramp up your community-building efforts. Post regularly, connect with others, invite people to follow you, participate in and create communities and share content from other users. Just like with any other social network, you need to build an interested community if you want to use Google Plus to market your business.

Start Curating Content for Collections

As businesses start experimenting with Google+ Collections, marketers will find effective ways to use them. You can start using them by finding content that supports your messages and goals and then build your own collections.

You will likely need to include a mix of content from other, reliable sources as well as your own content. This will let you build resources for your market and become a thought leader while still promoting your business.

This new feature holds a lot of potential for marketers, who can use Google+ Collections to share content, build active communities, become resources and build their online brands. You can learn more about how to use the collections on Google’s announcement.