Will Facebook’s new Instant Articles Affect your Business?

Facebook has unveiled a new service, called Instant Articles, that aims to make the social network a more content-friendly platform. It’s important to understand what this new feature means for your business so you can continue to use Facebook as an effective part of your social media marketing.

What are Instant Articles?

Instant Articles are interactive articles from content partners that will appear in Facebook’s news feed. According to Facebook’s announcement, these articles will load up to 10 times faster than content viewed on a web browser because they are viewed inside the app, like photos or status updates.

The articles will be highly interactive, giving users the chance to zoom in on high-resolution images, watch auto-play videos, listen to audio clips, use interactive maps and “like” and comment on individual parts of an article.

As of now, there are nine partners that will provide Instant Articles: National Geographic, BuzzFeed, NBC News, The Atlantic, The Guardian, BBC News, Spiegel Online and Bild. Publishers can monetise their content with article ad space or Facebook’s Audience Network.

Currently, Instant Articles will only appear in feeds through the Facebook iPhone app. You can see a video about this new service and learn more about it on Facebook’s Instant Articles page.

Will the way Businesses share Content Change?

The addition of Instant Articles won’t change the fundamentals of the way you use Facebook. However, since it does introduce a new way for content to be shared, you may face more competition when it comes to using content to gain readers, increase site traffic and encourage engagement.

As you continue to share content, publishers who use Instant Articles will be sharing content that loads more quickly and is very interactive. You will need to make sure your own content still delivers and is interesting enough to attract an audience.

Target your Market

First, make sure the content you share on Facebook is designed specifically for your target market, so it will attract readers and generate engagement. This will require strategic planning in the content creation and social media marketing phases of your marketing efforts.

Stand out in the News Feed

Since Instant Articles are likely to jump out and grab attention in users’ news feeds, you need to make sure your content does the same. Share interesting content and post article excerpts, photos and videos to make your timeline interesting and help your posts stand out.

Create more Interactive Content

Using a variety of content types that cover topics that appeal to your market will also help you get and maintain your audience’s attention. Experiment with articles, photo essays, videos, audio and other types of content that will stand out and give your viewers a chance to interact with your business, which will boost Facebook engagement and help you build a stronger online brand.

Instant Articles will add a new element to Facebook users’ news feeds, which means you need to make sure your content stands out, demands attention and allows people to interact with your brand to ensure Facebook remains an effective marketing tool for your business.