Why Your Site’s SEO Copy Needs to be Natural

Have you ever visited a website, read a few sentences of copy, and have immediately decided the company isn’t reliable, the services are sub par or that the site isn’t a very good resource? Good copy is absolutely essential to a successful business website. When you are trying to incorporate on-site search engine optimisation tactics, it can be hard not to sacrifice quality for things like keyword density and links.

But, regardless of your SEO strategy, good copy is not something you can give up. Don’t get so carried away with on-site SEO tactics that you forget that your website and blog are read by humans, and not just search engines.

People, not Search Engines, Build Your Business

Sure, search engines can help you drive traffic, get more eyes on your blog and get more organic traffic, but do they buy your products? In the end it’s people, not search engines, that build your business. Relationships are so important to businesses of all kinds. Strong, genuine relationships can help you increase your sales, get more donations, build your reputation and be successful. Keeping this in mind, you know your SEO copy needs to sound natural and appeal to your human readers.

Good Copy Speaks Volumes

The words on your website tell your readers, and your potential customers, so much about your business. They tell people what you do, what your style is, your level of professionalism and even how your audience should feel. The tone and style in your web copy can influence your market to respond to your calls to action. If your SEO copy isn’t natural, or if keywords take over, the influential power of good copy can be lost.

Search Engines Favor Natural Copy and Links

Search engines are getting smarter and are increasingly favoring content that is natural, well written, legitimate and isn’t obviously produced to increase SEO rankings. It may seem counter intuitive, but writing SEO copy that is natural can actually help your SEO efforts. Don’t force keywords where they don’t fit and make sure your links are useful and naturally placed. A good way to ensure your copy is natural is to write for people first, and then analyze it for search engines and add SEO elements where they won’t harm the quality of the copy.

Bad Copy Leads to High Bounce Rates

Even if you do get high search rankings and lots of site traffic from your poorly-written copy, is that traffic valuable? Will it help you sell your products? Probably not. When people find your site and read copy that is spammy, hard to read and otherwise unappealing, they will leave your site. High bounce rates usually lead to low sales.

If you want to inspire people to respond to your calls to action, build your business, increase your search rankings and decrease your bounce rate, SEO copy that sounds natural is your answer. Start seeing these results by updating your site copy so it’s more customer friendly and less spammy.