Why Your Email Campaign has a Low Click Through Rate

Does your email marketing campaign suffer from a low email click through rate?

There could literally be dozens of reasons people aren’t clicking on the links you are sending, hindering your campaign and even your entire business.

Email marketing can be very powerful and can help your business grow in all kinds of areas including sales, awareness and website traffic. Here are just a few reasons people may not be clicking on the links you use in your emails.

Your emails aren’t getting opened.

First, is your market opening your emails? A low email click through rate can easily be explained if people aren’t bothering to open the messages you send. Make sure your subject lines are attractive and that your emails provide value to your customers so they actually read them and don’t mark them as spam.

You are targeting the wrong audience.

Your market and the messaging in your emails need to match. If you are sending emails that are not interesting or relevant to the people on your list, they won’t be interested in opening them or clicking on your links. Create niche lists and target your market by writing emails specifically for them that include influential copy and tailored calls to action.

The links are hard to find.

Check your emails to make sure the links you send are easy to find. Use a different colour to make text links stand out from the rest of the copy and use images as links. For example, a big button with a call to action that links to your website is a lot easier to see than a link buried in the copy at the bottom of your email.

People don’t feel obligated.

Your emails should make readers want to click on the links you send. You can make people feel obligated to click through with several different tactics, including:

  • Offering incentives,
  • Only including partial information in the email, requiring people to click through for the rest of the story,
  • Promising perks that readers can’t afford to miss,
  • And providing real and substantial value to readers who click through to your site.

If people don’t feel a need to click on your links, they won’t. So, provide your audience with a good reason to click through to your website.

Your calls to action are confusing.

Are your calls to action clear? If readers aren’t sure what they are supposed to do after reading your email, or it is not obvious they are supposed to click on your link, chances are they will delete your email without following through.

Make sure all your calls to action are clear and easy to follow. Don’t make things too difficult or your readers won’t respond, resulting in a low email click through rate.

To get the most out of your email marketing campaign you need your audience to respond to your calls to action and click on the links you use. If any of these reasons are holding you back from achieving a high click through rate, start improving your campaign by fixing these problems right away.

Increase your email click through rate with Bigfoot Digital.

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