Why Your Business Can’t Survive without Digital Marketing Analytics

Image courtesy of tungphoto / FreeDigitalPotos.net

Business is full of statistics. In fact, you could argue that business is built on the results of studies, surveys, marketing research and focus groups. Without knowing what your public wants, you can hardly meet their needs and stay in business. Just like your business needs to do market research, it needs to analyze the results of its digital marketing strategies in order to be successful.

What Kind of Analytics?

In digital marketing, there are all kinds of strategies you can measure: social media comments, video views, website traffic, retweets, plus ones, and the list goes on and on. The trick is to decide which strategies and measurements can help you be the most successful.

If your plan is centered on a new video campaign, video views and shares will probably be a helpful statistic. On the other hand, if you are trying to build your Twitter following, statistics like followers and retweets will be important. Page views and traffic reports are important to most businesses.

Why You Need to Take Measurements

Understand What is Working

Without measuring your results and tracking the successes and failures of your strategy, how will you know what resonates with your audience? Without numbers to show you what your market responds to, you could end up continuing with your strategy, experiencing lucky successes, rather than reaching the highest potential possible.

Change What Isn’t Working

In the same way analytics can tell you what is working, they can also tell you what isn’t working. If you notice that certain media channels or certain messages just don’t get a response from your market, you can change the strategy or stop using certain tactics.

Learn About Your Market

Listening to your public and watching analytics can tell you more about your market. For example, maybe you believe the people that are most interested in your brand are in a certain age group, but by doing surveys and analyzing social media engagement, you find out that your brand actually appeals to a bigger group, or even an entirely different group. Discovering these things can help you add to or change your digital marketing strategy.

Provide Results for Management

Measurements and analytics can also help you prove the digital marketing plan and its team members’ worth to the management at your business. Most managers like to see figures and direct evidence that programs and initiatives are helping the company reach its goals. The right measurements and analytics can prove to your manager that what you and your team are doing are well worth the resources.

In general, digital marketing analytics and measurements can help you make your strategies more effective. You can learn what is and what isn’t working, discover more about your market and provide statistical proof that your marketing strategy is worth your company’s resources.