Why you Want Blog Subscribers for Your Business Blog

Image courtesy of Mike Seyfang/Flickr.

You know the benefits of blogging for your business, but have you considered the benefits of gaining blog subscribers? There are perks to having a large audience of interested readers that receive updates from your blog in their inbox. Your business can’t afford to miss out on these benefits.

A Constant Reminder

Your customers, even your most loyal fans, are always at risk of forgetting about your business. By keeping your name, products and services at the forefront of their mind, people in your target market are more likely to interact with your business. Keeping people aware of your business can also help you increase sales. Blog posts that arrive in your market’s inboxes on a regular basis can serve as a reminder about what you provide, what you can do for your market and even what kind of experience current and past customers had with you.

Directly Send Calls to Action

Calls to action should be used throughout your marketing campaigns. You probably use calls to action in your website copy, press releases, brochures, print ads and many other tactics. However, you aren’t able to ensure these tactics are seen by your market. Sure, you can share them in areas where they are likely to be seen by your target market, but you can’t guarantee that the right people will see them.

Your blog posts are different. People who subscribe to your blog are interested in what you have to say, are interested in receiving updates from your business and may be more likely to become customers. You are able to deliver calls to action directly to your blog subscribers, which is an invaluable opportunity.

Reward Loyal Customers and Build a Reputation

When people subscribe to your blog you are able to send them rewards like coupons, discounts and even freebies through email. Rewarding loyal customers and blog subscribes like this can help you increase your sales and build a positive reputation. People have good feelings towards businesses that offer promotions and take good care of their customers. Word of mouth is powerful and this tactic can get people talking about your business.

Regularly providing deals to your subscribers can also help you get even more blog subscribers. When you advertise that coupons are just one of the benefits of subscribing to your blog, your list will grow.

Generate More Activity and Get Higher Search Rankings

People won’t comment on your blog if they don’t know what you are blogging about or don’t see your posts. One of the best ways to get traffic to your blog is through subscribers. When people get updates about your blog through email, they are more likely to visit your blog and more likely to post a comment. While people may not go to your blog on their own, an email can spur them to visit your website, especially if a recent post resonates with them.

Comments on your blog can help you listen to your market, build an online community and even help you get higher search rankings. Google favors websites that have more traffic and activity, so any tactic you use that will help you get more traffic and comments will also help your SEO efforts.

Blog subscribers can be a very valuable part of your marketing and SEO plans. They can help you reach your market more effectively and get calls to action in front of the right people. They can help you build a reputation, a base of loyal customers and can even help you increase your search rankings. You can start growing your subscriber list by blogging about helpful, relevant topics and promoting the benefits of being a subscriber.