Why you Shouldn’t Ignore SEO Trends and Updates

Google is constantly updating its search algorithm, which changes the way businesses approach search engine optimisation. Industry best practices change as search engines change and SEO trends come and go.

With so many changes, it can be hard to keep up with how you should be using SEO and it can be tempting to ignore the latest trends. But, this is a dangerous approach that can have a negative impact on your business.

Search Algorithm Updates Influence your Rankings and Traffic

First, when search engines like Google update their algorithms, your rankings could change. These algorithms are updated to find the best ways to rank content and pages so users can easily find the most relevant, helpful information.

After an algorithm update, a search engine may view your page differently, which means instead of holding your current rankings, your pages could move up or down in search results pages, potentially affecting your traffic.

Knowing when search engines update their algorithms and understanding what these updates mean will help you make changes to your site and SEO strategy so you can achieve and maintain high rankings.

Industry Trends Reflect User Behaviour

Typically, industry trends that are worth keeping up with reflect the way people are using the internet. These trends are an attempt by the search industry and marketers to meet consumer needs, which is important if you want to reach your own market.

For example, Google has recently emphasised the fact that we often search for things, especially on our smartphones, when we need directions, are looking for a quick solution or need how-to information. Google has termed these instances “micro-moments,” and marketers can leverage them to make their content more relevant.

By keeping up with these industry trends, you can better understand how to meet your market online. You will know what kind of content people are looking for, how they are using search engines and what they expect from brands.

Latest Best Practices keep your Business Competitive

When you use the latest SEO best practices, your business will remain competitive in a space where all kinds of brands are vying for user attention through search rankings, social media posts, content marketing and advertising.

When you use current SEO best practices, your business can compete for search rankings and for your market’s attention, so other businesses don’t interfere with your marketing efforts. By staying on top of the best ways to use SEO, you will be on the cutting edge and be much more likely to effectively reach and persuade your market.

Keeping current with SEO trends and updates is essential to successful internet marketing and branding strategies. When you know how to use search engines to reach your market, you can attract more traffic and increase brand awareness.

We stay on top of SEO trends and best practices and can help your business achieve high search rankings, so your content will reach your market and your site will get more traffic. If you’re interested in learning more about how to get started with SEO, or how to improve your current strategy, contact us.