Why you should Stop Being Afraid of SEO

Search engine optimisation is one of those internet marketing tactics that sounds daunting and can even be confusing. Things are always changing, there’s a technical aspect to it and there are so many experts out there that have different approaches to reaching success.

While it’s true that there is a lot that goes on behind the scenes and best practices are always changing, you don’t need to be afraid of SEO.

Fear: SEO Is too Expensive

For many businesses, the idea of launching an SEO campaign means spending a lot of money to get rankings that actually bring results.

The Truth

Like all marketing tactics, you do need some resources you can allocate to this strategy, but you don’t need an unlimited budget.

When you approach SEO with a strategy, instead of cycling through different ideas hoping to find something that works, you will get a lot more for your money, making this an affordable internet marketing option.

Fear: SEO doesn’t Result in True Value

Because it’s something they don’t understand, some business leaders feel that SEO is just another online gimmick that doesn’t actually result in true value.

The Truth

This couldn’t be further from the truth. When you use the right keywords, link-building strategies and on-site optimisation plan, SEO can bring tremendous value to your business. Increased site traffic, more sales, better brand awareness, a stronger online presence and a more active online community are just a few of the valuable benefits SEO can bring to your business.

Fear: SEO is Confusing; I don’t know Where to Start

The technical side of SEO can be off putting. It involves meta descriptions, algorithms, link building, optimised website code and more.

The Truth

In most cases, you can take each of these pieces one at a time to make the process easier. Start by doing some keyword research and then optimising your website. From there, you can start using things like link-building to use off-site optimisation to increase your rankings.

Fear: SEO is Always Changing, so it’s not Worth It

Because search engines like Google are always trying to return better search results and improve their users’ experience, SEO is always changing. Search algorithms are constantly being updated, leading to industry changes and new ideas about how businesses can rank for valuable keywords.

The Truth

However, this doesn’t mean that SEO isn’t a worthwhile digital marketing strategy. All it means is that it’s essential that your business stays up to date on changes and alters its plan as needed to ensure the best results possible.

Fear: SEO Takes too Much Time

It takes time to create an SEO plan, test some tactics and then to see results. Some businesses don’t see immediate results and won’t start seeing rankings for a few months, since it takes search engines some time to find and rank your content.

The Truth

Any internet marketing strategy takes time, including SEO. The key to overcoming this potential problem is making sure you are using a strategy as you work, so the time you put into your plan brings results.

All of these common fears do have their roots in legitimate reasoning, but all of them can be overcome. If you need help knowing how to get started or making your SEO plan work better for your business, contact us.