Why You Should be Using Pinterest

Pinterest has finally opened its doors to all users! You’ll no longer be required to wait for a friend to invite you, or sign up to the waiting list, which can deter some newcomers – any user can now join on the spot with their Facebook, Twitter, or e-mail account.

This move may help to shift Pinterest higher up the popularity rank as it currently sits behind Facebook and Twitter as the third most popular social media site. Even throughout its private phase the site showed promising results for social media marketing, in particular, e-commerce sites have benefited tremendously Pinterest driven traffic.

Some Pinteresting Facts About Pinterest’s demographics

  • 80% of Pinterest users are women, and 50% have kids.
  • 30% of Pinterest users are between 23-34 years old.
  • Pinterest referrals spend 70% more than users referred from non-social media sites.
  • Top Pinterest interests in the US are crafts, gifts, hobbies and leisure, interior design and fashion.

Why is Pinterest so popular?

If a picture is worth a thousand words, Pinterest is like War and Peace. Pinterest is addictive, and plays on our desire to collect, curate and display our unique style and interests. Although 80% of pins are repins, the flexibility of boards and how users group things together makes each user account unique and a reflection of individual personality.

The design of the site is also key to its success; the jQuery masonry design has caused a revolution in web design; now everyone wants responsive and flexible design. The focus is very much on the image, and the action buttons remain hidden until the user chooses to utilise them.

How to Use Pinterest for your business…

  1. Establish your brand. Pinterest allows you to showcase the lifestyle that is attached to your brand. Asos is a great example of this; by not limiting their boards to the items they sell, they’re able to sell the entire lifestyle attached to it; from fashion shows to nail art. 
  2. Run a competition or offer. You could ask people to create boards with a specific theme, and make it a rule that the board features two of your products. Or you could use Pinterest to promote a discount code. Discount codes spread like wildfire!
  3. Invite Guest Pinners. Find users who perfectly encompass everything your brand is about and invite them to pin to a guest board for a week. This is a great way to reach out to bloggers and other influential people.
  4. Use it for market research. Your followers are your target market, and they’re very kindly pinning everything that interests them onto easy to navigate boards. You’d be silly to ignore this kind of insight into your audience’s interests. Check out their boards regularly and comment as much as possible.

How do your use Pinterest for business?