Why You Need Custom Content and How to Start Using it for Your Business

More and more frequently, businesses are finding that their target market wants custom content. People want to read information that applies directly to them and that is useful or provides some sort of solution. The Internet is full of information and people are busy. They don’t have time to peruse websites for hours looking for information they are looking for or that resonates with them. In reality, your business only has a few minutes to capture your site visitors’ attention before they decide whether to keep reading or leave your site.

Statistics Say it All

Research shows that consumers want custom content:

  • 70 percent of consumers report that content marketing makes them feel closer to the company that created the content (Content Marketing Institute).
  • 60 percent say they feel more positive about a business after they read custom content on its website (Content Plus).
  • 90 percent say custom content is useful (Engage).
  • 78 percent say that businesses that offer custom content want to build strong relationships with their customers (Engage).

These telling numbers illustrate why your business needs to use custom content to reach your market. Your target market will be open to this kind of content and have positive feelings about your business, which will help with your marketing and branding efforts.

Where to Start with Custom Content

There are lots of high-tech and specialized content management systems that can help businesses manage hundreds or even thousands of web pages. If your company has a lot of content, this can be an excellent option for you. However, if you are working with a smaller amount of content on your website, you can get started without any special software.

Identify Your Market and Message

Identify which of your markets, and you may choose more than one, you want to target with your custom content. Then, brainstorm what kinds of messages you want to send to these groups. Your sales pitch may vary from market to market and your calls to action may change slightly depending on who you are speaking to.

Make Your Content Accessible

Your site design and organization needs to be easy to navigate. When people visit your site they need to be able to quickly and easily access the content that is aimed at them. Some businesses accomplish this by using a navigation menu that has labels to direct viewers to the correct content. Labels can be things like “Students” and “Parents” or “Current Customers” and “New Customers.”

Change Your Content When Needed

Some of your content is probably “evergreen,” or the type of content that can be reused and that won’t become outdated quickly. Other pieces of content, like business news or product information, will need to be updated periodically. Make sure your site content is always up to date and keep in mind that as your business evolves, and your markets’ needs change, your content will also need to change.

Custom content can help you reach your target market in new ways. With custom content you can speak directly to your site visitors’ needs and deliver the right message to inspire each individual to respond to the proper call to action.