Why YOU Need a YouTube Channel

Does your business have a YouTube channel? If not, why haven’t you set one up? Or if you do have one, are you actively using it? Businesses commonly post videos to YouTube, but often don’t use a channel to its fullest potential.

This is a missed opportunity, since a YouTube channel can bring all kinds of marketing benefits and even make each video more powerful.

Gain Loyal Video Followers

It’s much, much easier to build a YouTube community around your videos if you use a channel that users can easily find and subscribe to. Popular YouTube channels have extremely loyal viewers who tune in for every new video and often share them. These followers can make up an audience that will willingly interact with your marketing content, which is an extremely valuable asset.

Set up another Online Destination

You likely already work to drive people to your social media accounts and of course, your website. But, sending traffic to your YouTube channel can also be a valuable approach that will help you build your online brand.

When you send people to your channel, they will come to a place where they can learn all about your business, find links to your social media sites and website and subscribe to your content, giving you an active marketing audience. YouTube is an extremely interactive site, as users can watch content, comment, click on links and share your videos, making this a great destination for engaging with your market.

Organise for Easy Access

When you randomly publish your videos to YouTube, without adding them to a channel, each piece stands by itself. Each video is just a small part of your content floating along among millions of other videos, decreasing its chances of being found or being effective.

However, when you organise your videos on your channel, they become a unified collection that can be more powerful than individual videos. Your collection will grow and over time, become a valuable resource people want to refer to, enhancing the type of destination you are creating.

Even if your videos are more light hearted or purely entertaining, grouping them together will help you maintain your brand and make it easier for people to find all of your content.

Draw Viewers in with Linked Content

When all of your videos are linked together through a channel, you increase the odds that people will watch more of them. When they watch a video they like, they will likely watch related videos or other videos in your playlist, giving you an opportunity to draw them in.

You can convert these viewers into subscribers so you can continue to market to them or you can work to drive this traffic to your website, where you can convert people into blog subscribers, other social media account followers or customers.

A YouTube channel can become a very valuable marketing tool that lets you leverage each video, use the site more effectively and build an engaged audience you can use for other marketing efforts.