Why you Need a Strategic Social Media Plan Now!

Social media feels casual and it’s a place where natural conversations can happen. But, behind the most successful social media accounts and campaigns there are very strategic plans. Even organic activity won’t happen without a solid plan, and a social media strategy will ensure you get the most out of your accounts so you can use them effectively to get valuable results.

Get your Message Across

While some of the content you share on social media might be fun and spontaneous, the majority of it should be very strategically chosen so you can get your message out there. The content and posts should help you communicate specific things to your market so you can do things like increase sales, raise brand awareness or drive traffic to your site.

For example, if you want to tell your market that your prices can’t be beat, you will likely share content that highlights the value of your products and shows off your low prices. If you want to tell people you’re a trustworthy expert, your content should include industry news and developments and valuable tips for your market.

Build your Brand

The way you use social media speaks to your brand. If you use it to share funny posts or content related to pop culture, you are telling people your brand is young, relaxed and casual. On the other hand, if you use it to share informational content and more formal posts, you are building a professional, serious and formal brand.

You can also brand your pages with colours, images and links to help increase your online presence and make sure people recognise who you are. Remember to keep information like your business hours, contact information and links to other online properties up to date.

Tell your Own Story

Social media lets you add your voice to online conversations, meet your market where people are already hanging out and tell your own story. When you share links to content, post updates, publish photos and interact with your market, you are telling people about who you are and what you stand for.

Sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram give you valuable platforms to make it clear how you benefit your market and what kind of business you are. You can also use your own site and other marketing tactics to do this, but with social media you can reach an already interested and active audience when you target a site’s users.

Support your other Marketing Tactics

Social media can be used in conjunction with things like content marketing and search engine optimisation to increase your efforts across the board. In fact, when all of your internet marketing tactics work together, you can create a more inclusive online experience for your market and make sure each tactic brings the best results.

When all of your internet marketing tactics work in tandem with each other, each one becomes a little stronger and you get more opportunities to leverage each marketing tool. As you plan for social media, keep your other marketing tactics in mind and find ways you can make them work together.

If you don’t already have a social media strategy, you are missing opportunities to market your business and build your online brand. Start getting better results by putting a plan together now!