Why SEO Isn’t Dying: 3 Reasons it’s Here to Stay

If you’ve been working in or using search engine optimisation for some time, you have probably heard the rumor that SEO is on its way out the door. Many people falsely claim that SEO is a strategy of the past, and its relevance is dying out. However, that couldn’t be further from the truth.

The nature of SEO and how exactly search engine rankings are achieved is constantly changing, but the idea behind SEO and the general strategy is here to stay.

Search Engines are the Foundation of the Internet

Research shows that searching and emailing are the top two tasks performed on the Internet. As long as people are searching for information, using search engines on a daily basis, SEO will exist in some form or another.

Search engines must have ways to rank websites and pages and display search results. While they do this, SEO experts will always look for ways to make their sites come out on top. Of course, ranking algorithms may become more detailed and may change regularly, but people will always work to make those changes work in their favor.

SEO is an Affordable Marketing Option

According to Search Engine Journal, inbound leads, including those that come from SEO efforts, cost 61 percent less than outbound leads. As long as it is cheaper for a company to bring business in through means like search rankings than other means, like sales calls or other outbound marketing tactics, SEO will continue to be a big part of digital marketing strategies.

While SEO strategies do require resources and time, they can be very affordable. With the right plan and the right resources behind it, a company can increase its visibility and sales and strengthen its brand image with an affordable SEO plan.

Search Results are the Biggest Driver of Traffic

Just as searching is one of the most common tasks done online, the number-one driver of traffic to websites is search results. The study, conducted by Outbrain, proves that search result listings are absolutely vital to a website’s traffic. Your company probably promotes its site in many ways, through social media, email marketing and traditional marketing, among many other ways. But, would you be surprised to hear that search results bring 300 percent more traffic to a website than social media does?

As long as search results are the biggest, or even one of the biggest, sources of traffic, SEO will remain alive and well. Companies and brands thrive off of large amounts of traffic, and since SEO is a powerful tool in getting that traffic, SEO strategies will continue to be used.

Despite what the rumor mill says, SEO isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. This form of digital marketing is here to stay because people rely on search engines, it’s an affordable marketing strategy and search results are the number one provider of site traffic.