Why Organic Traffic is so Beneficial

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As a site owner, you get traffic from all kinds of sources: social media, paid ads, affiliate links and other websites, just to name a few. Interestingly, even though you aren’t directly paying for organic traffic, it is one of the most beneficial types of traffic.

What is Organic Traffic?

Organic traffic is any traffic your site gets as a result of unpaid promotion. For example, when a visitor clicks on your site on a search engine results page or on a social media link that takes him to your site, his visit is considered organic. Of course, your SEO strategy and execution does require funding, but with organic traffic, you aren’t directly paying for clicks.

The Benefits of Organic Traffic

Amazingly, a 2006 Forrester study revealed that 93 percent of all Internet traffic comes from search engines. Granted, this study isn’t extremely recent, but from this we can infer that a substantial portion of all Internet traffic still comes from search engines. This means you can’t afford not to invest in strategies that will boost the organic traffic to your site.

A Captive Audience

When users search for a keyword that relates to your industry, sees your website in a list of search results, then visits your site, you have a captive audience, which translates into high-quality traffic. This person is already looking for information that you can provide and probably doesn’t require as much of a “sell.”

For example, if your business sells shoes, your organic traffic likely comes from people searching for words like “shoes,” “hiking boots” or “sandals.” These people are already searching for information about shoes, possibly with the intention of making a purchase. In fact, studies have shown that when a user is searching with the intent to purchase, organic links produce a 25 percent higher conversion rate than online advertisements.

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Long-Term Benefits

Organic traffic and SEO efforts can have more long-term benefits than other sources. When you pay for an ad, you only have that ad space for a limited amount of time. What happens when your ad on a highly popular website expires and you can’t afford to renew it? Or the website that hosts one of your most successful ads shuts down or changes its advertising policy? Your traffic will likely decrease.

However, if you invest in SEO strategies and tactics, your results will be more long lasting. As long as you are willing to tweak your strategy as the industry changes, your optimized site will continue to serve you well, your high-ranking pages will continue to get clicks, your keyword-based content will keep working for you and your high-quality content will continue to get social media shares.

A Strong Reputation

As you achieve higher search rankings, your reputation will improve even more. As your site gets more traffic, becomes known as an industry resource, attracts social shares and gets more and more outside links to it, your brand will grow. Some of the best-known sites have very strong SEO strategies, meaning they get lots of organic traffic. The combination of organic traffic and a strong reputation can have a huge impact on your business. Instead of relying solely on ads and trying to grab the interest of distracted Internet users, you can rely on SEO strategies and organic traffic that brings high-quality traffic.

Organic traffic is relatively affordable, compared to many other traffic sources, and can bring some of the most valuable traffic to your site. If you invest in SEO strategies that will bring targeted traffic to your site, you will see long-term benefits that will help your business for years.