Why Marketers are Relying on Blogs for Social Content

Blogging as been around for some time now, but recent research shows that marketers are relying heavily on blog posts, and plan to build their blogs even more, for social content purposes. Social content refers to content that is created to be shared through social media channels.

Social media content must be relevant to the target market, interesting and valuable so it will stand out on crowded social networks and so users will be likely to share it. Social Media Examiner’s 2015 Social Media Marketing Industry Report uncovered that blogs play a key role in social media marketing.

The Importance of Blogging

The research took into account responses from more than 3,700 marketers and found that 45 percent feel that blogging is their most important type of social media content. It also found that 69 percent of marketers say they plan on increasing their use of blogging.

A large percentage of marketers are already convinced of blogging’s value, and the majority of those surveyed feel there is value in building up their blogs. This shows that while blogging may not be new, it is certainly still very relevant and can bolster social media marketing campaigns.

Why Blogging works with Social Media Marketing

So what is it about blogging that makes it a good fit for social media marketing? Why do so many marketers feel there is so much value in producing and sharing blog posts?

Build your Brand

Blogs are extremely branded because they are hosted on your website and you have complete control over the design, colours and images used, so you can make sure it reflects your business well. By sharing content from your own property, you can build your own brand.

Establish yourself as an Expert Resource

Content marketing works very well when it is used to establish a business as an industry leader. As you provide professional, helpful and high-quality content, people will begin to identify your brand as one they can go to for reliable information and products.

Bring Visitors to your Site

When you share your blog’s content to social media, you have an opportunity to bring visitors to your website. Using blog posts as teasers that entice people to click on your link for the rest of the post, to explore your blog and learn more about your business will help you establish your brand, build an audience and even generate sales leads.

Build Trust with your Market

As you use your blog to build your brand, establish yourself as an expert and drive people to your site for excellent content, you will be building a relationship of trust. People will feel that they can trust and rely on information that comes straight from the source, a business they know to be reliable and professional.

This new research from Social Media Examiner confirms just how important blogging is, especially when it comes to creating content to share through social media. If you’ve been neglecting your blog or it isn’t as strong as it could be, start getting it in order right away.

Blogging is a powerful tactic that can enhance your content marketing, social media marketing, online branding and search engine optimisation efforts.