Why is No One Sharing Your Content?

How many times have I started a blog post with a reference to the phrase “content is king”…? We’ll call this one the umpteenth time. If you haven’t heard already, publishing fresh content is one of the best ways to drive traffic to your site, rank high up in the SERPs, and gain valuable inbound links.

But one of the biggest complaints I hear from small business owners is that they’re publishing the content, but no one is sharing it. The hits are going up, and there’s clearly activity going on, but no one is tweeting about it or sharing it on Facebook…

Here are the top 6 reasons no one is sharing your content.

1. You’re not making it easy to share.

This is one of the easiest mistakes to make when building a website. Your social media buttons are positioned in pride of place at the top of your page, clearly highlighting that you’re active on social media. But there are no sharing buttons before or after your content. There are two types of sharers – those who know from the opening paragraph if they’re going to share, and those who will wait until the end before they pass it on. Make it easy for both types to Tweet, Like, Stumble, Re-Blog, Pin, or Reddit your writing.

2. Your headlines need some work.

Your content may be top notch, but without a catchy and descriptive headline, no one will look any further. Also, users often like to share your content using the headline as a link, so if your headline is lacking, then if won’t get much further than a tweet. Before you publish a post, ask yourself: would I click a link to read this on Twitter?

3. The opening paragraph doesn’t grab the reader.

A good introduction can make or break an article or blog post. For those obsessed with word count, they’ll often come up short in this department because they’ll be too focused on filling the introduction with padding, rather than jumping straight in and letting the reader know what they can expect.

4. You aren’t splitting up the text into manageable chunks.

Don’t make reading your content a battle in comprehension – split the text into¬†manageable¬†chunks and use bullet points, headers, and numbered lists to make your point. This also makes it much easier to read on mobile.

5. You’re not engaging on social media platforms

If you’re not sharing your content on social media, why should anyone else? You’ll obviously have to learn to strike a balance between sharing your own content, and sharing other people’s content, but once you have this balance down you’ll notice a lot more people will be willing to do you a favour.

6. Your content is unfocused, and you’re not attracting a crowd of followers.

This can easily happen to new blogs, you’ve yet to find your blogging niche and so you’re trying a little bit of everything to see what sticks. While this can work in the beginning, if you want to grow a following you’re going to have to pick a topic and stick to it. This doesn’t mean your blog has to become monotonous – try introducing weekly or monthly “features” that will allow you to be more creative with your blogging