Why all Employees need to Know Your Social Media Plan

At many businesses, the marketing department oversees the social media marketing strategy. In some cases, a separate social media marketing team manages social media accounts, strategies and tactics.

While this approach to social media marketing can work, it’s beneficial for all employees to understand some social media marketing basics, even if they aren’t directly involved in the marketing strategy.

Move in the Same Direction

When everyone understands what your social media goals are, why you use different networks and how they help you build your brand, everyone can move in the same direction. As all employees appreciate the value of your accounts and what you strive to accomplish with them, you will see better results.

This is beneficial in helping you achieve unity and making sure all departments understand what your overarching goals are, so they can operate as a group. Of course, this kind of business environment is more effective, as a strong team is more effective than segmented departments that don’t move in the same direction.

Integrate Efforts

With everyone moving in the same direction, you will have more opportunities to collaborate and integrate your efforts. Collaboration is important to effective online marketing, and many areas can overlap. But, that collaboration doesn’t happen unless everyone understands how social media marketing is being used.

When you make all your departments aware of what your social media marketing plans entail, others can contribute and support that strategy. For example, the content marketing team can focus on developing content for specific networks and that is likely to be shared. The search engine optimisation team can help drive traffic to your social media accounts and incorporate social media into its link building strategy.

Gain Social Media Ambassadors

When everyone understands what you want to accomplish with social media, they can help you with your efforts, even as individuals. They can help you share blog posts and content related to your industry. Employees can also mention products and life at your office, which can help you raise brand awareness.

You can even ask employees to share your content, invite friends to connect with your business on social media and share pictures from events and store locations. Whether you approach this formally or informally, the power of your employees acting as brand ambassadors can be extremely beneficial to your online marketing efforts.

Manage your Reputation

A very important benefit that comes with educating your employees about your social media plans is that you have more control over your brand reputation. While you can’t control what your employees share on social media, you can set some guidelines and policies they must follow.

Providing basic training on what not to do on social media and how your employees can help you maintain your brand and reputation online can be invaluable to helping you make your social media marketing efforts pay off.

Taking the time to share your social media marketing plans with all of your employees, even if you just share the basics, will help you make your online marking plans more cohesive and integrated with all aspects of your marketing and even help you gain some valuable brand ambassadors.