Where to Publish Videos for Wider Reach

YouTube and your blog are probably the first things you think of when you consider where you will publish your marketing videos. These are excellent platforms and should be part of your marketing plan. But, there are lots of other places you can publish videos to broaden your reach.

As you reach more people with your videos, you will build your online brand, increase awareness, boost traffic, make more sales and accomplish all kinds of other goals.

Publishing your videos through different channels will also help you reach different groups of people, which allows you to be more thorough in reaching your market and target your messages at different groups of people, both of which will bring better results.

Social Media Sites

YouTube isn’t the only social media site that allows you to publish videos. Branch out and use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Vine, Pinterest and LinkedIn to publish your videos to reach more people and make sure people in your target market see your messages.

Determine which social media sites to use by considering your market and which sites you are already using successfully. You may also want to add a catchy description or a short post that generates interest and makes people want to click “play.”

Email Marketing Messages

Another way to share your videos is through email marketing. This approach helps you get your content right in front of your market and target specific groups of people, like blog subscribers, current customers or former customers. Some businesses create subscription lists for “insiders” who have signed up to be notified of special information, hear about new products first or get extra perks. Sending videos this way helps you leverage this idea, adding interest and value to your videos.

Your Home Page

Putting a video on your home page, where site visitors can’t miss it, can be a good way to highlight your services, share testimonials or show your products in action. A video here can help you get your message to site visitors quickly, and get their interest before they start browsing your content or leave your page.

Videos on your home page should provide value right away, and in most cases, be short and to the point. They should offer a quick glimpse at an aspect of your company and compel people to learn more about your business.

Popular Industry Blogs

Contributing videos to popular industry blogs is a good way to get your marketing in front of a new audience. People who frequent these blogs do so because they know they offer high value and they like what they find there. So, adding your brand and voice to these blogs can help you attract your own following.

This approach can also act as a sort of social proof. If readers find your content on blogs they trust, they are more likely to express interest in your business and have positive feelings about your brand.

News Sites

Posting videos on news sites brings many of the same benefits as posting them on popular blogs. News sites that people rely on to learn about the latest developments and most up-to-date information can be a great place to expose people to your brand and position yourself as an industry expert. These sites can also be very influential, which will help you gain a new audience and grow your online brand.

As you use videos as part of your online marketing strategy, find new ways to publish and share them to reach a wider audience, accomplish more goals and see bigger results. All of these platforms are great places to start, and depending on your goals, you may find even more strategies that will help you reach your specific audience.