What’s in a Domain Name?

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Choosing a domain name can feel like a daunting task. If you’re just starting a blog or launching your new business’ website, finding the right domain name is important to your branding, online presence and search rankings. So how do you go about making this important decision? By asking yourself these questions:

Is it logical?

Obviously, your domain name needs to make sense for your company and brand. Pick a domain name that is either the same as your company name or tells your market what you do. A domain name that is not at all related to your business won’t benefit you in any way.

Is it easy to remember?

Domain names that are easy to remember will help your branding efforts because your market won’t have to search for your website. Memorable domain names can also become valuable parts of your brand. Think Amazon.co.uk or Ebay.co.uk.

Does it include keywords?

If your business name isn’t available as a domain, you may want to consider using a keyword-focused domain instead. Do some research and find a keyword you are likely to rank for, and then continue to use that keyword throughout your site, blog and search engine optimisation campaign.

Is it too similar to another domain name?

If your domain name is just a few characters different from another website, you may want to reconsider your choice. If your market can easily end up on another business’ site by accident, you may have a problem. Your domain should be unique enough that people won’t accidentally mistype it into the URL bar and end up somewhere other than your site.

Is it concise?

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Extremely long domain names are hard to remember and are cumbersome. They are difficult to type into a mobile search engine and aren’t very conducive to marketing materials like business cards and banners. Make your domain short and sweet if possible.

Finding that perfect domain name is a big part of a successful marketing, branding and SEO campaign. Taking things like keywords, branding and memorability into consideration can help you make the best decision.