What your Social Media Responses Really say About You

The things you say on social media and the content you post are extremely important. But, the way you respond to different comments and situations also says a lot about your business. Remember that on social media, people are watching your business closely and you have an excellent opportunity to serve your market and boost your online brand and reputation.

Quick Customer Service

If you are quick to provide customer service through social media, you are telling people that you are listening, that you care about their concerns and that you work hard to meet your customers’ needs.

You can provide detailed service or you can refer people to a customer service phone line or online form where they can get personalised help. Either way, you’re showing your audience you care.

Argumentative Conversations

On the other hand, argumentative conversations that lead to rude, defensive and unprofessional comments tell people you can’t be trusted. With these comments, you will gain a reputation as a business that is insensitive, unprofessional and untrustworthy, which will harm your overall marketing efforts. Keep things professional and helpful and avoid social media bashing or confrontations.

Timely Announcements

Social media is a great place to post announcements about upcoming events, new products, new ways you plan to serve your customers or special deals. It can also help you stay in front of a public relations crisis and get your message out so your customers and market will feel informed.

Using social media this way will tell your market you are organised, strategic and involved. It tells people you want to keep them updated and that you feel it is important that your customers know what is going on. This will benefit your reputation and your relationship with your target market, helping you succeed in other marketing efforts.

Vague, Unhelpful Responses

As you provide customer service, field questions and respond to comments on your social media pages, avoid vague and unhelpful responses. Responding in a way that doesn’t help your customers doesn’t help your reputation either.

These kinds of responses don’t provide any value and tell people that you don’t have time to make sure your customers are satisfied. They also send the message that you aren’t organised or aren’t able to provide information you should be able to give. Stick with helpful, detailed and valuable comments and responses.

Remember, if you can’t help someone on social media, you can refer her to a phone number or email address where you can take your conversation from a public setting to a private one where you may be able to provide better help.


Silence on social media tells people that you don’t have the resources to update your markets, that you aren’t on board with communications trends and that you don’t care to connect with your audience.

Avoid this reputation by responding to questions and comments quickly and keeping your accounts alive with relevant content that provides value for your followers and supports your marketing goals.

Using social media effectively and responding appropriately can help you strengthen your online marketing plans, create a positive reputation and build a relationship of trust with your markets.