What you should Know about Using Social Media to Support Content Marketing

The most effective online marketing plans use several types of marketing in conjunction with each other. Social media marketing and content marketing can work together so that both strategies are more effective and to make your overall online marketing and branding efforts more cohesive and beneficial.

Using social media to support your content marketing is a matter of tweaking your strategy and making sure both channels are working together.

You Need an Editorial Calendar

First, before you can strategically work your content marketing into your social media marketing plan, you need to set up an editorial calendar. A calendar will help you stay organised and make it easier to share content strategically.

An easy way to set up an editorial calendar is to make a list of the content you want to share and then arrange it in a calendar for the next month or the next several months. As you do this, make sure the content is shared in a logical order and group things together to create posts that build on each other.

Not all Social Networks are the Same

Keep in mind that not all social networks are the same. Some will be more conducive to your content marketing plan, the type of content you share and helping you reach your target market. You don’t need to use all of your social media accounts with your content marketing plan.

In fact, you should choose carefully which networks you use to share your content. The content you share should be attractive to your account’s followers and work well with the network. For example, if you have current and potential customers as followers on Facebook, the content you share there should speak to them. Sites like Instagram and Pinterest require high-quality visuals, so be sure your content has those if you want to share it there.

You need to Leverage Social Sharing

If you are able to use social media marketing and content marketing together well, you can actually get your market to share your content for you. If your content is targeted, compelling and valuable, people will want to share it, helping you reach a bigger audience.

Make sure your content is what your market wants and then share it through the networks where it will resonate with followers and other users. Also make it easy for people to share your content by adding sharing buttons to it when you publish it on your blog or website.

Content marketing isn’t helpful if no one is reading your content. If you aren’t reaching your audience with your blog posts, articles, ebooks and videos, you won’t see any results. By the same token, social media marketing is most successful when you have interesting content to share and your posts attract followers and generate engagement. When you use these tips, you can make sure each type of marketing is being used to support the other for the best results.