What You Need to Know About Adding Social Media Buttons to Your Site

Does your website have social media buttons? If it doesn’t, it’s time to consider adding some. Social media buttons can be part of your larger digital marketing campaign as a tool for connecting with your market or providing a call to action. There are a few things you should know before you start adding buttons.

Connecting vs. Sharing Buttons

There are two different kinds of social media buttons: connecting and sharing buttons. Connecting buttons are generally used on a home page, major pages on a site, or a site header, and are links to a brand’s social media accounts. Sharing buttons are usually used on content like blog posts, photos or newsletters. Readers can use these buttons to share the brand’s content through their own social media account.

You will most likely want to use both of these button types in different areas on your site. Remember what your calls to action are and decide where you want to communicate with your market.

VisitLondon.com uses connecting buttons in its site’s footer. VisitLondon.com uses sharing buttons next to information about tourist destinations.

Placement is Important

Where you put your social media buttons is important. You want your readers to see the buttons and use them, but you don’t want the buttons to be a distraction or to cause traffic to quickly leave your site. Many companies choose to put connecting social media buttons near the bottom of their pages. Normally sharing social media buttons are placed near the content that can be shared.

When deciding where to include buttons, keep in mind what you want your readers to do. If you want them to share specific information, then you should highlight buttons near that content. If you want them to spend as much time as possible on your site, and visit your social media accounts as an extra way to connect with you, you may want to burry your buttons a little deeper.

Only Use Needed Buttons with Active Accounts

It doesn’t do much good, in fact, it could do harm, to place buttons on your site that lead to accounts that are inactive. Don’t just open a social media account to have one or so that your button will take readers somewhere. Only use buttons that will take readers to social media site your company actively uses.

Linking to accounts your business doesn’t use won’t be very helpful to your customers or potential customers and it could make you look less credible. If readers see that you don’t post very often, or that the information on your social media profile is out dated, they may not feel your company is a very good resource and may even take their business elsewhere.

Social media buttons can be an important part of a social media or marketing campaigning. Knowing what kinds of buttons you need and where to place them are important to making sure your market responds to calls to action and your campaign is a success.