What You Must do Before You Launch Your Email Marketing Campaign

Image courtesy of Photokanok/FreeDigitalPhotos.net.

If you are considering using email marketing at your business, have you done your homework? All successful email marketing campaigns require some preparation to lay a foundation that will ensure the campaign helps your business grow.

Build and Segment Your Email List

Before you can use email marketing, you need to have a list of email addresses. Gather email addresses through forms on your website and blog, sales, contests and other tactics. Make sure your list consists of people who will help you reach you goals, like potential customers.

As you build your list, segment it into groups. Many businesses segment their email marketing groups by niche markets or sub markets. The way you segment your list will depend on your business, markets and goals. The idea here is to divide your list into smaller groups or categories so you can more easily target each one.

Define the Purpose

Then, decide what you want to accomplish with email marketing. Set some goals and decide how you will use email marketing to reach those goals. You can do so many different things with email marketing, from selling products to raising awareness. Again, your goals and purpose will depend on your business.

It may take several emails to accomplish your goals, and that’s okay. The reason you need to define your purpose now is so that you efforts can be targeted and coordinated.

Craft an Appealing Message

What do you need to say to you market to help you fulfil your purpose and reach your goals? Write your email with your market in mind so the message appeals to your audience. Include things like influential factors and benefits in your email so that people who read it will be more likely to respond to calls to action.

In order to write an appealing email, you will need to know your market well. If you don’t feel like you can write an email that will appeal to your readers, do some market research before you start your email marketing campaign.

Include a Strong Call to Action

All of your emails need a call to action. To identify what your call to action should be, ask yourself what you want your audience to do after it reads your email. Of course, your call to action should be closely related to your purpose and goals.

Make sure your call to action is strong and clear, so there is no confusion about what your readers should do. Also make calls to action easy to respond to and don’t ask your readers to do too much. If calls to action are too confusing or too difficult to follow, your readers won’t respond.

Have a Follow Up Plan

The best email marketing plans are long term and include several emails. Sending just one email to your list can be beneficial, but keeping in touch with those on your list and sending multiple messages is often even more beneficial.

Before you start sending emails, have a follow up plan in place. Decide how many emails you will send for your campaign, what each email’s purpose is, and what kinds of calls to action you will use. Think strategically and make your emails work together by using related information and content.

To be successful at email marketing you need to do some planning and preparation before you hit “send.” Start now by building and segmenting your list and setting some goals. Then, as you create your emails use an appealing message and calls to action, and don’t forget to send follow up emails as part of your campaign.