What to Know Before you Produce your Next Video

There’s something about an engaging, interesting and entertaining video that gives an online marketing plan an extra push. A good video can benefit your online branding, social media reach, online presence, brand loyalty and sales numbers.

But, to see all these benefits you need to start the planning process before you hit the record button. In fact, there are a few things you should know before you start producing your next marketing video.

Understand the Process

Video production is a process, but it’s one that can bring huge rewards. From scripting to filming and from editing to publishing, each step is important and when each part works together, the end result will be a professional, strategy-driven video.

There are essentially three steps to video production. Pre-production includes scripting, storyboarding, casting and finding locations. The actual production step requires professional lighting, rigging, audio recording, directing and shooting. Finally, post-production steps like video and audio mixing and adding titles and special effects are what make the final product something that your brand is proud of and your market wants to watch.

We offer all of these services and can help you make your video ideas come to life.

It Starts with a Great Concept

Nailing down your concept, vision and idea for the video at the beginning of the process is crucial. This will ensure you stay on track throughout the production process and help you make key decisions about style, casting, messaging and even editing.

Your concept should be one that will speak to your brand while getting your market’s interest and delivering your message. Whether you opt for a how-to video, testimonial montage, humorous film or informational spot, the concept should be one that supports your overall marketing plan and goals.

Script your Marketing Messages

Your video should have a message and a call to action. These two elements are what give your video purpose and make it an integral part of your marketing plan. Your message could be as simple as telling people about your business or as detailed as asking people to buy your latest product.

But, don’t just film a fun video and hope that your message is there. Script it carefully so that you can plan it strategically and make any adjustments early in the process. If your video has a formal script, work with the wording and call to action to make sure it includes your message. For more casual videos, stick with some talking points to make sure your message is organised and your video stays on track.

Strategic Distribution is Essential

The process isn’t over when your video has been filmed and finalised. If no one sees your video it won’t help your marketing efforts, so strategic distribution is key. You can share your video through your website, your blog, email marketing, social media, press releases, and online ads, among other channels.

Good video marketing involves carefully targeting your markets and making sure you take advantage of each platform’s features. It also involves things like engaging with viewers, tracking results and measuring the success of the video, so your next video will be even more effective.

Videos can be a powerful part of a content marketing, online branding or digital marketing strategy and when used strategically, can help you influence your audience.