What to Know Before using Paid Advertising

Using pay-per-click advertising, social media ads and other forms of paid advertising can help you target your market very accurately, getting your message to the right people. Paid advertising is an effective way of increasing brand awareness among your target markets and reaching goals like increased traffic and sales.

Before you use paid advertising, whether you are going to put ads on social media or search results pages, there are some things you should know.

Paid Advertising does Require Strategy

It’s easy to think that since paid advertising platforms let you decide who will see your ads, it is an easy solution to finding ways to reach your market. While paid advertising is a very effective tool, it does require strategy.

To get the highest return on your investment, you need to choose carefully where you place ads and who you target. Ads on a social media site that your market doesn’t use probably won’t be very effective. By the same token, failing to choose the right options for promoting your ad won’t bring results either. In short, successful advertising campaigns have ads on the right sites and carefully target the right audience.

You must Go Beyond the Demographics

Knowing your target market’s demographics and choosing the right sites to advertise on is only the beginning. The copy, design, images and call to action on your ads all play a role in how effective they are.

Think about your market and what you are trying to accomplish as you design your ads. Then, do some testing to find out which ads perform better so you can use them more frequently and learn from them so your next campaign will be more successful.

Understand Organic vs. Paid Traffic

There is a difference between the traffic that comes to your site as a result of organic search engine optimisation, social media and content marketing tactics and the traffic that results from paid advertising. Most businesses benefit from both kinds, but when you understand each type, you can leverage them.

In most cases, organic traffic will include people who stumble upon your business, those who like the content they see and people who may already be aware of your brand or are searching for you. On the other hand, paid traffic could include people who aren’t aware of your business or who aren’t looking specifically for you, but see your ad as they do online searches or browse social media.

Both of these markets will require different approaches, so your messaging, calls to action and even design will be different when you create ads for paid advertising campaigns.

Know what to Spend

In general, paid advertising tactics are more expensive to use than other internet marketing tactics, like social media or content marketing. There’s the cost of producing and testing ads, but there’s also the cost of actually placing them.

Pay-per-click advertising campaigns get their name because you pay for ads when people click on them. This can be a cost effective option and be a good way to experiment with different ads. Other advertising options require payment up front before you can even publish an ad. Knowing how much your ads cost and budgeting carefully will ensure you have enough resources to do some testing and that your investment will bring bigger results and pay off.

Paid advertising is a great tool that can help businesses accomplish all kinds of goals and each type of advertising, from pay-per-click to social media advertising, has its benefits and can bring different results. Contact us if you’re interested in learning about how you can get more out of paid advertising.